Pennsylvania Men Cited for Squirrel Hunting While High on Weed

by Will Shepard

Two men in Pennsylvania got citations for hunting under the influence of cannabis. The two men were out squirrel hunting when a game warden showed up to ruin their party.

In late January, Warden Harold L. Cole Jr. of the Pennsylvania Game Commission Northcentral Region filed against the two Pennsylvania men. Douglas W. Litz and Bryan T. Poust are being charged with smoking cannabis before going hunting.

When an officer arrived, the two Pennsylvania men admitted to smoking before going for a mid-September hunt. Warden Geril Schoonmaker was the arresting offer, finding the two hunting in Lycoming County on state lands.

On a routine patrol, Schoonmaker saw a minivan parked on the side of the road. As he went up the van, he noticed the distinct smell of cannabis coming from the car. In the report, he writes that there was a glass pipe, some hunting orange clothes, and shotgun shells as well.

Pennsylvania Men Arrested for Smoking Cannabis Before Hunting

After running the plates, he learned that the car was registered to Poust. So, the officer waited by the car until they came out of the woods. Once he was with the guys, he asked them for their hunting licenses to make certain that they were squirrel hunting legally.

The two were carrying shotguns and had come back to change them out for .22s. They weren’t having luck yet and were coming back to the van to re-charge. But, the officer then asked the guys about the smell, “if there was a legal reason that the odor of marijuana was coming from them and their clothing.”

However, the exchange after the question was mostly cordial. The guys said that they didn’t have any cannabis on their person. But, after a little, they admitted to smoking.

“Litz then looked down at the ground and Poust stated that they had smoked before leaving Litz’s house.”

After the two Pennsylvania men said they had been smoking, the Mundy Police Chief showed up at the incident. The guys gave him permission to search their vehicle. Again, he found a pipe, a small bag of cannabis, and DayQuil pills.

Both Pennsylvania men, Litz and Poust, are being charged with misdemeanors. One of the charges is for hunting while under the influence of a controlled substance. They are also getting a drug paraphernalia charge along with two counts of commission regulations being violated.

Additionally, Poust is getting a DUI for driving while intoxicated.

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