Phil Robertson’s Daughter Phyllis Opens Up About Receiving Feedback During Duck Hunts

by Josh Lanier

Jase and Al Robertson said they are a little jealous of their newfound sister Phyllis because she gets to go hunting with “mellow Phil.” The Duck Dynasty family returned to the podcasting studio to discuss Phyllis Robertson Thomas’ recent duck hunting trips and how to deal with criticism in the blind on the latest episode of “Unashamed.”

Phyllis and Phil Robertson have been making up for lost time since they found each other last year. That means spending hours together on duck hunts. They even turned up to the taping of the podcast still wearing their facepaint and camo.

The boys wanted to know what it’s been like for her. She’s never duck hunted until recently and now she’s in the blind with the first family of duck hunting. The Robertsons have hunted together their entire lives, know how each other behave and what to expect when out on a hunt. But she’s learning fast, they said. She recently got her first confirmed kill, which was their last kill of the day. “Trial by fire,” Jase said.

“That’s hard for a new person to hunt,” Jase said. “We only need one, and you said ‘It’s mine.’ And then to stand up and have to shoot it in front of everybody. Describe that.”

But Phyllis said she welcomes the chance to make mistakes.

“It doesn’t bother me because I don’t have that kind of ego wrapped up into it,” she said. “I know that I’m new and I expect to shoot like a new person.”

She is hunting with some of the best duck hunters in the world. She relishes the times when they can show her ways to improve and appreciates their eagerness to help.

“And you’ll notice after I shoot I’m asking ‘Where did I shoot? Where did I miss?’ I want to know, I want the feedback to take that and adjust what I’m doing.

It’s that nurturing spirit that got Jase and Al a little jealous. They remember hunting trips with their dad when he was much less forgiving. Jase recalled a time when he shot the decoys thinking they were the ducks they were hunting. It didn’t go well for him, he said.

“You got a way better deal,” Jase said, “you got mellow Phil.”

Phyllis Talks About First Hunting Trip with Her Dad

Phyllis Robertson Thomas moved down to be closer to Phil earlier this year, hoping to make up for the years they’ve lost. And that means spending hours on duck hunts together.

Phyllis discussed those early hunts in a video on her dad’s YouTube channel.

To prepare, she took a hunting class to get all the proper permits and learn what to expect. Her big brother Al gave her a gun that she hunts with. She’s enjoyed hunting, she said, but mostly she’s glad to get a few minutes to sit beside her dad.

“He’s 74. I’m 45. We missed a lot of years,” she said. “The best part of hunting was getting to spend time with him. … He’s teaching, he’s just a natural teacher. We’re making up for all of those years where he didn’t get to parent me. He didn’t get to teach me stuff.”