Philadelphia Cow Breaks Out of Butcher’s Shop

by Madison Miller

One Philadelphia cow is showing the world just how far it’s willing to go in order to survive.

In this case, it’s trying to get as far from a butcher shop as humanly possible.

It all happened earlier this week in Philadelphia. It was a hard thing to miss, seeing as the loose cow stirred a bit of chaos as it ran through a rather populated part of the famous city. There are several videos that show the animal as it recklessly sprints around the city with no regard.

Cow on the Run Through Streets of Philadelphia

It’s unclear how long the cow was out running the streets of Philadelphia. In fact, we’re not entirely sure how the cow was captured at the end of it all either. It’s probably best to assume animal control came to the rescue in the city.

While the future of the cow is a bit hazy, we have a rather clear understanding of the backstory at play here. According to the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia, the cow escaped from Al-Baraka Halal Meat. As Sid the sloth from “Ice Age” once said and this cow said theoretically, “No thanks, I choose life.”

The meat market store sells chicken, rabbit, duck, lamb, goat, and cow meat to anyone in the public. The cow was first spotted about half a mile from where the meat market is located. That cow was moving at lightning speed to get out of there.

It seems the future for the cow doesn’t look too bright now, seeing as Al-Baraka got their cow back.

Zebras Still on the Loose in Maryland

As it turns out, it’s becoming less and less uncommon to hear about animals suddenly running the streets. These past few months or so, there have been countless articles about anything from zebras to tigers roaming free.

In fact, there are still five zebras out on the run somewhere in Maryland. These zebras escaped from a farm and are now living in the wild of Prince George’s County. The East African creatures have been spotted several times since then.

Each time authorities try to capture the animals, they get away. Apparently, they’re too fast to capture. According to The New York Times, these zebras are local celebrities at this point and pop up consistently all over social media.

“It is odd to see zebras crossing the road. There are worse things that could be running around Upper Marlboro — like alligators,” Linda Pennoyer, the mayor of Upper Marlboro said.

These zebras have been on the loose since August 31, but must be finding a rather effective way to survive. The zebras were a part of a group of 39 that were brought to the farm.

It’s probably best, wherever you live, to look both ways before crossing. Not necessarily to look out for traffic, but to spot any lingering cows or zebras.