PHOTO: 5-Year-Old Pulls in Gigantic Seabass the Same Size as He Is

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by: MyLoupe/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The tiny angler, affectionately known as Lil’Red, brought in the 42-pound seabass after a remarkably brief 10 minute fight.

Don’t ask yourself what you’d accomplished by 5-years-old, fellow anglers. Instead, join us and Ventura Harbor Sportfishing in celebrating their “Angler of the Month!”

Said angler is Benjamin Morrison, whom’s (very jealous) peers refer to as Lil’ Red. This past week, Benjamin set out with his dad aboard the Island Spirit for a spot of fishing. Little did he know, however, that he’d be reeling in a gargantuan seabass the same size as his 5-year-old self!

After setting out from Ventura, California, young Morrison hooked himself a monster. And according to USA Today’s FTW Outdoors, Benjamin managed his prize in only 10 minutes. Talk about vigor, let alone talent! This little man is going places!

Lil’ Red’s seabass weighs in at 42 pounds, which doesn’t set a record, but certainly makes for a phenomenal trophy. By length, the fish is several inches longer than Benjamin is tall, too.

For his win, Ventura Harbor Sportfishing proclaims the little guy their “Angler of the Month” with a celebratory Facebook post and a fantastic photo:

“VHS Angler of the Month: Benjamin Morrison aka Lil’ Red! Lil’ Red is pictured here with his very first white seabass! He hooked and reeled this big boy in all on his own, like a G!” the organization celebrates.

Tiny Angler Reels in Big Seabass thanks to ‘Teacher’ – His Dad

Speaking further of the catch is Brittani van der Meulen, the spokeswoman for Ventura Harbor Sportfishing.

Van der Meulen tells For The Win Outdoors that “Ben has a good teacher in his dad, Mike, who is part-owner of 22nd Street Sportfishing in San Pedro.”

Mike traveled with his son, Benjamin, to Ventura after he heard the Island Spirit’s captain, Cody Rodgers, had scored “limits of white seabass for his charter” that Tuesday.

For their Wednesday excursion, however, the angling was far slower. That is, however, until Lil’ Red brought in himself a whopper.

“Ben was one of the lucky anglers who caught a white seabass,” van der Meulen adds for FTW Outdoors.

As for his catch, Benjamin caught a white seabass. The fish, members of the croaker family, are typically big on the fight. So we’ll have whatever Lil’ Red is drinking! White seabass, too, taste just as great as they fight.

While Ben may not have set a world record with his catch, it’s a memory he and his father, Mike, are sure to never forget. Besides, that all-tackle world record has been held since 1953 – when a San Felipe, Mexico angler brought in an astounding 83-pound, 12-oz white seabass.

Something tells us Lil’ Red will eventually break that record, though. He is, after all, only 5-years-old.