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PHOTO: Canadian Fisherman Catches Extremely Rare, Intimidating-Looking Black Lobster

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

As it turns out, there’s about 80% of our oceans unmapped and unexplored. This means that there are more than likely undiscovered creatures and organisms surviving right below where we as a society can reach them.

For one fisherman keeping busy at North Lake in Canada, he happened upon an extremely rare sight to see.

Instead of a traditional cherry red lobster, the fisherman caught a rare jet black lobster. The unique color adds a bit of a frightening feeling to the crustacean. It kind of looks like a giant scorpion in some ways, so pulling it out of the water was likely quite the surprise.

As one person commented on the tweet funnily, “Not my favorite of the Marvel spin offs.”

While the black lobster is very rare, there are other variations swimming out in the water as well. For example, a split black and orange lobster went viral in 2019.

Where Did the Black Lobster End Up?

According to CNN, a fisherman caught the calico-colored lobster off the coast of Maine. This crustacean is split perfectly down the middle like it was handpainted. The black-and-orange creature is the result of a rare genetic aberration. This means it most definitely did not just end up at a local Red Lobster.

Instead, the fisherman donated it to the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries. Here it shared a tank with three other rare lobsters — two orange lobsters with what looks like freckles and a dark blue lobster. Both are also incredibly rare.

The odds of catching one of these lobsters is about one in 50 million. This is the same odds as winning a Megabucks jackpot.

Rare Lemur Stolen

It’s no secret that there’s plenty of animals out there similar to the all black lobster — rare and exciting.

However, there are also many creatures that require protection. This is the case for the rare ring-tailed lemur that called the San Francisco Zoo home.

According to USA Today, a man from California broke into the zoo last year and proceeded to steal this animal. Luckily, the lemur, named Maki, was found safe in nearby Daly City a few days later.

The man responsible, Cory John McGilloway, has recently been charged with one misdemeanor count of violating the Endangered Species Act, which is a federal offense. Now he could be facing a year in prison as well as $50,000 for his crime.

The ring-tailed lemur is defined as endangered as the population of the animal is decreasing.

The El Paso Zoo in Texas also had an issue with a person breaking the rules. In May 2021, a woman trespassed into the spider monkey exhibit. The zoo found out about the incident from a video on social media that shows her under a waterfall trying to feed the monkeys.

The zoo decided to press charges against the woman. Her actions could have been detrimental for both her and the monkeys. The monkeys saw it as an intrusion into their territory.