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PHOTO: Country Singer Bags Indiana’s Second All-Time Largest Whitetail Buck

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by J. Irwin/Classicstock/Getty Images)

Recently, country singer Dustin Huff went on a hunting adventure where he captured a monster whitetail buck. A recent report said this is the largest the state of Indiana has seen in almost ten years. It was said to weigh 290 pounds!

A week ago, Huff shared the accomplishment on his Instagram. The buck made it to a showing in Louisiana where he got to share his story with some aspiring hunters.

In the caption of the post, Dustin Huff said, “Had a blast at the ATA show in Louisville this weekend! Met a lot of new friends and got to share my story with some great folks. We’ll see y’all at the next show #1 in the USA & #2 in the world!”

In the post, you will find Huff standing in front of his greatest achievement. The confidence and smile on his face really show the audience how he feels about this moment.

Several other country artists congratulate him in the comments. A few of them were Rob Snyder, Ray Fulcher, and Jon Langston.

“LEGEND!” Rob Snyder said.

“You’re the man, ol huff!!” Fulcher added.

“This is awesome man!” Langston exclaimed.

Not only did his country music friends comment, but so did several fans. For example, one user said, “
Great Buck. Had a great time talking at dinner ans hearing the story behind this awesome animal!! #SizeMatters” while another yelled, “Unreal!!! Congratulations!!!!”

Besides the recognition, let’s take a look at what Dustin Huff thinks about one of his most prized possessions.

The Process Dustin Huff Took With the Whitetail Buck

Firstly, hunting is never easy. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and knowledge of the equipment. This is what makes Dustin Huff an incredible hunter in Indiana.

According to a recent report, the world’s largest whitetail buck was shot by hunter Milo Hansen in Saskatchewan in 1993.

Huff admitted to using a Stryker Crossbow to take down this animal. It all happened in his hometown of Greensburg, Indiana on a family friend’s farm.

In an interview, Huff explained the many reactions he felt. “I had no history or knowledge of the deer until I saw him about three minutes before shooting him,” he said. “It was crazy.”

Unfortunately, the country singer and hunter will have to wait three years to see his name in the book of world records. Apparently, his kill marks the largest ever buck taken with a crossbow. In the meantime, he just might bring home another record while doing what he loves!

Also, Dustin Huff admits that the reaction from people is unreal and he will never get over this.

“I’m just still shocked about the whole thing. I mean, I never guessed anything like this would ever happen to a guy like me. I’m super thankful for it.”