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PHOTO: Truck Unbelievably Hangs Above Gorge From Trailer Safety Chain

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Edwin Remsberg/VW PICS/UIG via Getty Image

One truck driver has likely never been more thankful for one important safety feature than they are now.

Without a safety chain on the back of the trailer, they would be at the bottom of a gorge right now.

Safety Chain of Ford Truck Saves Day

According to Power Nation TV, an accident happened on I-84 by Tuttle, Idaho. One driver was in a 2004 Ford F-350 with a 30-foot camper hooked on. Unfortunately, they lost control of the vehicle and swerved over a guardrail.

The driver was 80-100 feet over the Malad Gorge on a bridge. On the other side of that guardrail was a deadly drop.

The truck and the trailer were holding on by a thread. The thread in question was actually the safety chain that was connecting the truck to the trailer.

A Facebook post from Magic Valley Paramedics said, “When the first Trooper arrived on scene, the pickup had gone over the edge of the bridge and was held only by a safety chain connected to a camp trailer. Eventually, the couple inside the truck would be rescued thanks to a team effort of Magic Valley first responders, including a rappel team from the Magic Valley Paramedics Special Operations Rescue Team.”

Prior to the arrival of many emergency respondents, officers used chains from a semi-truck driver to help keep the truck and trailer steady until more help arrived. Pictures of the incident show the truck and the couple inside hanging precariously over the gorge. Meanwhile, rescuers rappelled down and attached a harness to both individuals in order to pull them up.

The couple was taken to the hospital but had no life-threatening injuries from the incident. They had two dogs in the car, who were also safely rescued.

Couple Makes Move After Near-Death Incident

Another couple also had a near-death experience.

According to Insider, Jaimie and Dave Hinckle started building a 406-square-foot shipping container home in 2016. However, Dave suddenly suffered from a brain bleed which put the project on hold. Then the house became a focal point of his recovery.

Eight months later, the couple finished the project thanks to therapy plans that centered around building the house itself. The couple has since spent five years in the tiny, environmentally-friendly, and mortgage-free house.

“We make a conscious decision every single day to live the best life we can because it might be the only day we have left,” Jaimie Hinckle told Insider.

The couple is an amazing example of seizing life during difficult circumstances and building happiness outside of material possessions like big houses and other belongings. Now, the couple gets to experience their small home in the heart of Kalama, Washington in the beautiful outdoors.

The couple is now working on building greenhouses, a drawbridge, and a zipline all attached to the tiny home.