PHOTO: Hurricane Ida Forceful Winds Causes Roof in French Quarter to Collapse Into Street

by Samantha Whidden

As Hurricane Ida continues to cause damage to everything in its path, new images and videos are currently circulating on social media of the latest destruction in the city of New Orleans.

According to CBS News, Hurricane Ida caused part of a roof in the French Quarter to call onto the street near the intersection of Decatur and Toulouse streets. 

A video of Bourbon St. in New Orleans is also showing Hurricane Ida’s winds picking up speed and causing some damage in the historical area. The storm made landfall on Sunday afternoon (August 29th) in Lousiana’s as a Category 4 hurricane. The storm is sustaining maximum winds of 145 mph.

New Orlean officials have continued to warn residents who have decided to stay in the city to hunker down. They are also to avoid going outside. A top emergency official for New Orleans, Collin Arnold, stated that there’s no one coming right now to help. “You need to stay inside.”

Hurricane Ida reportedly made landfall on the 16th anniversary of the infamously devastating Hurricane Katrina. Lousiana Governor, John Bell Edwards, revealed there are currently about 1,500 people sheltered in 23 emergency shelters throughout the state. This number will be increasing in the aftermath of the storm. More than 167,000 power outages have also been reported throughout Lousiana. 

“This is a major, major storm that’s going to test us in ways that we’ve not been tested before, for a lot of reasons,” Edwards stated. He also said the emergency situations at hospitals due to the pandemic are certainly one of the reasons. 

President Biden Approves Mississippi Emergency Declaration Prior to Hurricane Ida Landfall

President Joe Biden announced he has approved the Louisiana and Mississippi emergency declaration prior to Hurricane Ida making landfall. “The President’s action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to coordinate all disaster relief efforts,” the White Office’s statement reads. 

In the latest update on Hurricane Ida’s federal response, President Biden states his administration is preparing for the worst. “As soon as the storm passes, we are going to put the country’s full might behind rescue and recovery.”

The President also encouraged Lousiana residents to take precautions during this storm and stated it was a devastating hurricane. “Don’t kid yourself. This is going to take a lot of resources, a little luck. And as my grandfather would say, the grace of God and goodwill of the neighbors.”

The federal government is also position to help the Gulf Coast region recover from Hurricane Ida. The recovery will be as quick as possible and for as long as it takes. Around 260 National Guard service members are also reporting to New Orleans.

Hurricane Ida is keeping its strong momentum as the storm pushes through Louisiana and into Mississippi within the next couple of days.