PHOTO: Lake Superior Angler Wins Tournament With Enormous Lake Trout

by Jonathan Howard

Every time that line goes in the water you feel a little hopeful. Once in a lifetime, that fish comes along. Like this lake trout from Lake Superior. The outdoors are filled with wonder. Michigan has some of the best fishing you can get. And the fish taste phenomenal if you can hook one worth keeping. However, it isn’t always the easiest fishing either. But Chris VanEvera and his crew made it look like a cakewalk back in June.

VanEvera, 45, and his team entered a salmon-trout competition on the 11th of June. With four others, they got on a cabin cruiser and set off on the water of Lake Superior. What I love about being on the Great Lakes is the vastness of the waters. It can feel like you’re out at sea when the dark blue waters get choppy and you’re bouncing around.

Being out early when the water is still and you can see about 100 feet straight down into the depths, that’s when the best fishing goes down.

“We were up and moving long before daybreak, and fishing early because Lake Superior is so clear and I expected an early bite from trout and salmon,” the angler explained to Outdoor Life. They trolled the waters, waiting patiently for a bite.

“The fish hit slow, and I thought we may have snagged something,” VanEvera continued. “It took a few minutes to get the planer board into our boat, and when I did and could feel the fish directly, I knew it was a good one.”

He wasn’t kidding either. The fish was a monster. It took 25 minutes of battling back and forth with the lake trout. Eventually, he was able to get the large fish into his boat. Check out the fish here.

Man Pulls in Almost 40-Pound Lake Trout

By the time the fish was in the boat, they could tell just how special this catch was. VanEvera had brought in a lake trout with a large belly, and it looked to be about four to five feet long. He had reeled in the tournament winner, weighing 38.15 pounds, and will have a fishing story to tell for years to come.

So, it’s nice to bring in an almost 40-pound fish, but that’s not even close to the Michigan state record of 61.5 pounds. Lake trout are throughout the Great Lakes and it’s hard to snag one if you aren’t an experienced angler. While he won’t give away his exact location on the water, he was between Traverse Island and Keweenaw Bay. The fish bit his line at around 45 feet underwater.

That fish won VanEvera $2,400 and he’s going to take his large lake trout to the taxidermist.

“The taxidermist, Tim Gorenghan, is going to have my laker aged, because they grow so very slowly in Lake Superior,” he said. “They think my fish may be about as old as me.”

That would be quite the stat to add on top of an already great catch.