PHOTO: Man Captures Incredible Pic of ‘Pitch Black’ Deer in 2019

by Madison Miller

It’s not too uncommon to get a fairly decent picture of a deer. Those who are near deer populations may get lucky with a wandering or curious deer and get the opportunity to snap a perfect picture.

One man in Michigan got even more lucky than that.

Rare Photo of Black Deer on Camera

Country Music Family reported that John Roach was driving through his property which is about 150 miles north of Grand Rapids, Michigan back in 2019.

While driving along the road he happened to see some deer. While this isn’t in itself a rare occurrence, the completely pitch-black deer staring back at him was rare on its own.

Roach shared the crazy event on his personal Facebook page.

I see a lot of critters up here but I have never seen nor even heard of one of these. I was taking my trailer back to my…

Posted by on Thursday, May 30, 2019

Commenters on the post were equally as entranced as Roach. One person wrote, “NEVER have I seen a black deer!! Thank you for posting!!”

The man was lucky to be able to get it on camera and even luckier to be able to see one in the first place. Many people don’t even know they exist and will likely never get to see one in person. The whitetail deer has melanism, a recessive genetic trait that affects coloring.

According to Field & Stream, one of these rare all-black whitetails was killed in 2015 in Texas. Brooke Bateman, who was 14 at the time, killed the deer while out hunting with her father. Many years the number of melanistic deer killed is only one or sometimes none. That’s how rare these black deer are. Oftentimes, hunters may choose not to hunt these rare animals as well.

Other Virtual Deer Spottings

Recently, a man from Cave Springs, Arkansas, spotted an interesting moment between a whitetail deer and coyote from a trail camera in his backyard.

A coyote is eating something beneath a tree. Suddenly a deer crosses in front of the screen quickly, but the coyote just goes about its business.

“Until we utilized this trail camera we had no idea such wildlife visited our yard late at night, especially in such a highly residential area. I would recommend using your article and this footage to suggest that others install a trail camera on their property line as well because this really brings nature much closer to home than we ever expected,” the man said, according to Bangor Daily News.

It’s certainly not uncommon for people to have cameras close to them while out exploring. However, it’s becoming especially common for people to leave cameras out in less explored areas or even overnight. They usually catch some fun recordings.

For example, researchers in Voyageurs National Park left a trail camera out for a year.

According to Earth Touch News, the video captured 7,000 videos over the year of anything from wolves to bears to whitetail deer to raccoons to herons. The goal of the project was to get a better understanding of how the wildlife in the area crossed the dam.

Capturing wildlife on camera can help the common person or researchers better understand their behavior.