PHOTO: Man Stumbles Upon Alligator With Entire Top Jaw Ripped Off Below Its Eyes

by Madison Miller

A man happened upon a pretty jaw-dropping sight out in nature. Nature and wildlife always have a way of surprising us. In some ways, it doesn’t even seem as shocking anymore. This recent Florida alligator is quite an amazing and shocking site, however.

Chris Gillette, a wildlife biologist and photographer, happened upon a pretty unique alligator. Gillette specializes in shooting underwater. This is where he gets up close and personal to some of the toughest predators — alligators, crocodiles, sharks, and snakes.

According to Country Music Nation, he was in the Florida Everglades hoping to get a look at the rare Burmese python. Rather than stumbling onto that rare sight, he came across something even more bizarre.

The Reptile Was Missing Part of Its Jaw

Gillette spotted a gator chilling out in the Florida heat. He wasn’t the least bit alarmed by potentially getting bit by the lurking gator. This is because the alligator was missing the entire top part of its jaw. It only had the bottom jaw with the tongue and lower teeth exposed.

The animal was alive despite this abnormality. It’s unclear how the gator is able to hunt, chew, and survive out in the wild. The animal was also blind in one eye, making him that much rarer.

In a Facebook post, Gillette wrote, “What an absolutely incredible survivor! Blind in one eye and missing the top jaw, but surprisingly healthy and surviving! Likely living off of apple snails and small fish!”

It’s likely that the alligator got into a nasty brawl with a fellow gator. Apparently, it isn’t the deadly snapping jaws that help an alligator survive after all. This reptile is healthy in the wild while having several major abnormalities. It shows that even animals know the power of some good perseverance.

Gillette left the animal alone in its area in the wild rather than bringing it into an animal sanctuary. Laws prohibit capturing the animal.

Decapitated Alligator Found

While that Florida gator was quite the survivor, another alligator wasn’t given the chance to survive on its own.

According to a Fox 13 News report, a couple in Manatee County, Florida found a headless alligator on the side of the road. The animal was an adult and was 10 feet long.

“We thought the worst. We thought that someone had chopped off its head … were trying to figure out if someone would do that,” recalled Heather Morneau to the news outlet.

Now, the FWC is investigating the situation. It’s more than likely that some kind of illegal activity took place. Either a person found the dead gator and took its head for a trophy or someone chopped its head off while it was alive.

The gruesome death will continue to be investigated.