PHOTO: New York Angler Lands Massive Record-Setting Crappie on Private Lake

by Shelby Scott

Anglers across the country have been setting unheard-of records for fish all summer long. The most recent catch involved a record-shattering crappie. New York angler Roy Isaac reeled in a 4-pound, 7-ounce white crappie on a private lake in the community of Sleepy Hollow, NY. Isaac’s catch broke a previous state record tie between two crappies weighing 3.13 pounds.

The previous state record crappie was also caught on Sleepy Hollow Lake. It appears then that the private lake breeds some pretty impressive fish. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the record went public Wednesday. The new state record has the fish measuring 19 inches in length, caught on a live minnow.

During a talk with outdoor sports company Field & Stream, the angler said he regularly fishes Sleepy Hollow Lake. His two sons frequently accompany him. He often receives permission from a friend living within the community to fish the lake’s large crappies, among others.

According to USA Today‘s “FORTHEWIN,” the 62-year-old fisherman had been reeling in some relatively large crappies off of the same dock in recent weeks. He persisted while keeping the state’s record in mind. Initially, the fish saw the angler as he reeled in his bait and darted. “It was a good thing I had my drag set right,” Isaac told the outlet.

Isaac had been using an ultralight pole strung with 4-pound test when he snatched the record.

A North Carolina Angler Set A Major Record Earlier This Summer

While Isaac’s crappie is definitely impressive, the fish is no match for a North Carolina angler’s record-breaking catfish. When we think of catfish, we think of relatively small, whiskered, and feisty creatures. You know, the ones determined to catch your finger as you free the hook from its mouth.

However, North Carolina’s Rocky Baker of Four Oaks, Johnson County reeled in a massive 127-pound catfish earlier this summer. The animal easily surpassed the state’s previous record for blue catfish. The angler and his friend had been fishing on the Roanoke River and reeled in the monster fish with his regular fishing rod. Hopefully, he had some major test on the reel.

According to WRAL News, the pair netted the fish as Baker reeled it in, both anglers fighting to lug the animal up out of the water and into the boat.

Immediately, Baker knew he had a rare catch and the two men took the catfish to EZ Bait and Tackle in Goldsboro to weigh it. The earlier North Carolina record for blue catfish was set in June last year by Virginian Angler Joey Baird. The slightly smaller fish weighed 122 pounds.

In response to the catfish’s size, the bait shop said, “We hope that this monster continues to grow and prosper in the waters of our amazing state.