PHOTO: Rare Albino Alligators Are Once Again Born at Florida Park

by Madison Miller

Florida is saying hello to two new gorgeous and exotic albino alligators that were just born.

The reptiles were born at Wild Florida in Kenansville, which is a tourist company that specializes in their Everglades airboat tours. However, Wild Florida also has over 200 native and exotic inside what is called the Alligator Park.

Two new babies will likely join the park as soon as they are all grown up. The two albino alligators are the children of Blizzard, who is 16, and Snowflake, who is 27. The parents had four hatchlings last year as well.

Wild Florida recently posted a photo of the albino alligators on social media. “They’re doing so good! Our newest albino hatchlings are really thriving and we absolutely [heart emojis] them.”

People quickly commented how quick the little alligator babies are. One person even said, “I have to admit these are cute, but they will still have big teeth and jaws that I don’t want any part of when they get older.”

More Information of Albino Alligators

According to Miami Herald, the two babies have yet to be named. They will be available to see at the Gator Park in the next few weeks. “We’re so proud of our albino alligator parents, Snowflake and Blizzard, and our Croc Squad team for helping these hatchlings,” the co-owner of Wild Florida in a press release.

This is actually the second year in a row in which Blizzard and Snowflake have welcomed full albino alligators into the world. Both parents are also albino, which guarantees this in future hatchlings as well.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the Croc Squad collected 18 of these albino eggs this year on April 30. They were placed in an incubator to maintain a stable temperature. The incubation period for gators is around 60 days.

The process resulted in some adorable gator newborns. The newborn albino alligators have a rare genetic condition that causes them to lack pigmentation. Therefore, they appear white in color and have pink-looking eyes. While it is certainly interesting to witness, alligators born like this in the wild are more at risk.

Due to the coloring, the alligators have no way of camouflaging with their surroundings. The sun also burns their sensitive skin and eyes, which makes it harder to see both food and predators.

Albino alligators are exceptionally rare. According to a press release from the Chicago Zoological Society, there are only about 100 of these albino gators that exist in the world.

Rare Albino Chimpanzee

Recently scientists discovered the presence of an albino chimpanzee. It was the first known case of albinism in the wild population of the species.

According to the Independent, the animal was spotted in Uganda with its bright, white fur. Sadly, the animal was violently killed by other members of its group when it was just a few weeks old.

Now, scientists are using this tragedy as a way to document the behavior of chimpanzees in the wild.

“The magnitude of the reaction some of the community members exhibited towards the infant with albinism makes it likely that the infant was not considered as a typical chimpanzee. The vigilant and even fearful behaviour including alarm calling by individuals upon the initial exposure to the infant seems to support this idea,” researchers said at the time.