PHOTO: Six-Foot-Long Monitor Lizard Sneaks Into 7-Eleven, Sends Customers Scrambling

by Jon D. B.

Even 6-foot, mildly venomous monitor lizards need their midnight snacks. Customers at a 7-Eleven recently got the shock of their shopping lives as this enormous reptile entered in search of food.

Spoiler alert: food was found. An impressive member of the monitor lizard species took a Thailand 7-Eleven for all it’s worth Tuesday evening. The two-meter-long behemoth immediately took to shelves, where it began “tossing items off the shelves.”

Southwest News Service (SWNS) reports that all customers and workers present took shelter behind the service counter as the scaly shopper took stock. Wildlife officials believe the monitor lizard emerged from a nearby canal in Nakhon Pathom on April 6.

Among its victims were several cartons of milk, and no humans or lizards were harmed. Thankfully, local reptile handlers were quick to arrive on the scene… The pros snaring the six-foot lizard before any further damage could be done. His search was ultimately in vain, however, as no food was reported “stolen.”

“I only stopped at the shop to buy some food and then saw the huge monitor lizard inside”

Among the reptile’s fellow shoppers was Narumpa Tangsin, SWNS reports.

“I only stopped at the shop to buy some food and then saw the huge monitor lizard inside,” he tells the news agency Wednesday. “I wanted to buy a drink but the animal was too close to the drinks aisle.”

Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime inconvenience. Tangsin was smart to avoid the monitor lizard, however. Alongside their massive size, monitor lizards pack a nasty, mildly venomous bite designed to infect and linger on prey.

“They’re dangerous animals, especially when they’re angry, so I stayed back and recorded it on my phone,” Tangsin continues. “I guess that shops have everything, even for lizards.”

What a quote! While monitor lizards typically feed on other smaller reptiles, the species is prone to bouts of aggression towards humans in threatening circumstances. In addition to their diet of snakes, frogs, fish, and other lizards, monitors will also eat human refuge and scraps if they can get it. So if you find yourself visiting Thailand, don’t leave your sandwich out.

The photo above, taken by a 7-Eleven bystander and shared via Fox News, demonstrates the sheer size monitor lizards can achieve. As for the animal’s presence in a convenience store, SWNS cites a severe drought in the area as the probable cause.

As climate change continues, large species like monitor lizards will become a more common sight in cities. Dry spells will send the species’ typical prey into hiding, alongside killing them off from dehydration. If the trend continues, Thailand may need to become comfortable sharing their take-out with giant reptiles.