PHOTO: Stingray Hilariously Matches Baby’s Facial Expression in Snap from Aquarium

by Courtney Blackann

An unlikely pair are making headlines with their facial expressions. The two creatures are so different, yet so similar. Who would have thought a baby and a stingray could have so much in common?

While visiting a local aquarium, a mom of a 6-month-old noticed her nonplussed daughter and a stingray had similar amusement – or lack thereof – expressed on their faces.

Wendy Armstrong is a regular visitor of the Lake District Coast Aquarium in the United Kingdom. She regularly brought her two daughters, 6-month old Daisy and Aurora to see the animals, according to Fox News.

On one visit, she noticed a curious stingray kept coming back to observe her infant child. The moment turned hilarious when the mother noticed the stingray wore the exact expression her daughter Daisy was showing.

Quick on her feet, Armstrong grabbed her camera and snapped a photo. She perfectly captured the unamused looks of both the stingray and her daughter.

“It is definitely up there as one of our favorite pictures that we have of our kids,” Armstrong said. “I had my phone out, and when I saw they were both pulling the same miserable facial expression I burst out laughing and took a photo.”

Stingrays Aren’t the Only Animals Interacting with Humans…

While the baby and stingray may have shared moods, another lucky man and animal actually shared a “high-five” during a whale watching tour earlier this year.

Whale watchers in Hawaii got an up-close and personal experience with a giant humpback this past February. The whale came very close to the boats, curious about its observers for about half an hour.

It then became a bit of a showoff as if it knew people were watching. Several onlookers raised their hands as the whale approached and lifted its fin from the water. One lucky man, who was sitting near the front of the boat, then got to actually high-five the animal.

The beautiful beast then gracefully retreated into the water after its simple hello.

“We were all so amazed by this encounter and the gentleness and body awareness of these giant creatures,” said whale watch manager Toni Colombo. “Each year over ten thousand humpbacks move to the shallow and warm waters of the Maui Nui Basin, making it prime for awesome aerial performances such as these. This incredible experience reminds us how alive the ocean is, and how everything we do impacts it and the creatures that live there. Any chance you have to reduce single-use plastics and recycle, please take the time to do it. These big guys need all the help they can get.”

The experience left the watchers with a lasting – and impressive memory.