PHOTO: Super Rare Red-Nosed Deer Makes Us Believe in Rudolph the Reindeer

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Charles Ray on Unsplash

It’s about a month past Christmas now but that doesn’t mean Santa’s reindeer have just vanished off the face of the Earth. It looks like at least Rudolph is out making headlines as a famous Utah deer.

Rare Rudolph Spotted

A rare deer was photographed with a very rare rosy-colored nose. This is a result of piebaldism and albinism in deer. Since the deer has some dark hair, it is considered a piebald. However, the red nose is typically seen as a condition associated with albinism in deer.

The apparent mix in these rare genetic conditions really makes for an exotic and rare deer.

Piebaldism or albinism? Our biologists and veterinarian say that because this deer — recently photographed in northern…

Posted by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on Friday, January 15, 2021

The photo was taken by Kathy Paulin on Jan. 2 near LaPoint which is 160 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. The photo was originally posted on a Facebook page asking for help in identifying the deer’s appearance.

This page was the Northeastern Utah Naturalists page. As of now, the photos have been shared on the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources page where it has well over 2,000 reactions. Many joked on the deer’s appearance as being a mix of several different animals in one.

One commenter said, “Looks more like a llama and a deer had a star crossed evening.” He posted it with a cartoon of a duck, turkey, and chicken in bed together making a “turducken.”

Another person said, “That nose however is crazy!!! This deer shall forever be named Rudolph!!!”

Other people commented saying that they now feared the deer was going to be hunted, especially since it has been shared on social media. It even drove one person to write, “I think a little bit of me just turned vegan.”

Deer Hunting in Utah

The entire country has seen huge spikes in hunting permits and therefore more people out in the fields. This has in part led to the meat processing facilities to fall behind and more poaching or violation numbers in some states.

This is largely due to the pandemic. More people had time to sit outside and hunt as they are either working from home or unemployed. Hunting is also an outdoor activity where social distancing can be quite easy to do.

In early April in Utah, however, there were new propositions to cut back on the general deer hunting season.

According to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, there was a proposition to only allow 9,175 deer to be hunted. Due to drought, long winters, and fires, more and more of the Utah deer population is being killed from natural causes.

“What this does is it provides hunters with the opportunity to hunt at the level of quality we’ve agreed to have. When we make these permit recommendations, we take into account last year’s buck-doe ratios, the three-year average of buck-doe ratios and fawn and adult survival,” Covy Jones, a big game coordinator in the area said, according to Deseret News.

The change would impact 19 units and the other 10 would remain unchanged. While the fear is that some hunters will have an issue with hunting being cut in their area, that has not been the case for everyone. Conservation groups especially were behind the proposal.

Earlier in the year, the cougar objective was increased as they became to prominent in the area.

H/T: Charlotte Observer