PHOTO: Texas Anglers Reel in Extremely Rare Jet-Black Melanistic Alligator Gar

by Amy Myers

Black alligator gar or Loch Ness monster? Before this Texas angler could figure out what was tugging on the end of the line, the massive beast was already thrashing out of the water. One look at this creature will have you wondering if you need a bigger boat.

The news of the melanistic alligator gar spread on Lotus Guide Service’s Facebook page. Apparently, charter Capt. Justin Jordan and his buddy named Terrell Dean found the fish while cruising in a Texas marsh. Little did they know that a gigantic, jet-black gar was going to pop out of the water.

Take a look at the fishing guide’s photos of the gnarly gar.

“Well… me and terrell found out melanistic gar do exist yesterday,” the captain told his followers.

Melanism, like albinism, is a genetic anomaly that affects the pigment of a fish’s scales. While albinism would turn the aquatic creature’s scales and eyes white or clear, melanism turns them black. It is incredibly rare to find melanistic fish in the wild, especially one quite this large and intimidating.

It’s unclear whether Captain Jordan and Dean decided to take the black alligator gar home or set it free. Although, Texas does have a one gar bag limit per day. So, if the duo managed to wrangle another feisty fish earlier in the day, they would have to release the melanistic one.

Fishing Community Responds to Black Alligator Gar Spotting

Meanwhile, in the comments of the post, fellow anglers shared their authentic reactions to the gigantic creature.

And the consensus was clear: no one wanted to meet this monster.

“Is this what happens when an alligator and fish make a baby?” one fellow angler asked.

“I’d really, really, really, do not want to meet one,” another chimed in. “Freakin scared of these pics!!”

“That thing could of had the hook, line and pole not the boat tho…I’m out of here!! Run Forest  Run!” a third joked.

Likely, Captain Jordan and buddy Dean were in for a fight of a lifetime with the size of that black alligator gar. And with how much that fish was thrashing in the photos, it definitely wasn’t going to give up easily.

Other Anglers Believe the Creature Is No Alligator Gar at All

While some began to swear off Texas waterways, others weren’t so sure that this was a black alligator gar at all. Typically, gars have incredibly thin snouts. It tends to be their most recognizable characteristic. But the one pictured on Facebook had a thick snout like an actual crocodile.

“I’ve seen many alligator gars but none with a mouth that wide,” one said. “The ones I have seen had narrow mouths.”

“That is not the same black alligator gar. It’s too thick the snout and fins are different,” another angler agreed.

“There is no way that’s a black gar look at the mouth,” a third added.

Whatever the species actually is, it’s one you don’t want to find swimming next to you.