PHOTO: Texas Desert Suddenly Turns Into Mirage-Like Beach

by Shelby Scott

Texas is typically famed for its dry heat and desert-like environment covering most of the state. However, recent rains have turned the Salt Flats outside of the Guadalupe Mountains into a mirage-like beach. Typically dry, flat, and bedecked with dry brush, the flatland currently serves as host to bright blue, dreamlike waters. The phenomenon has inspired a load of visitors to take a dip in the calm waters covering the desert area during significant heat.

However, despite the beauty and draw of the large, now-water-covered desert, authorities are receiving complaints about the influx of people. According to The Hill, most of the salt flats are privately owned which means the visitors are trespassing on the land. The Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office wrote, “Most of the Salt Flats is privately owned and we have already received notification from land owners that they do not want anyone on their property.”

The sheriff’s office included a sympathetic tone in their Facebook post. Although, they nevertheless highlighted the consequences that further trespassers may experience. According to the office, those caught violating will receive a trespassing warning and/or citation if caught on the desert property.

The Hill further stated that while many were disappointed by the announcement. However, several others began to make jokes surrounding the Salt Flats’ flooding. One commenter wrote, “The property owners should charge a daily use fee. Commerce baby.” Another wrote, “What’s the fee for that citation? asking for a friend!”

Desert Environments Experience Dangerous Flash Floods in Heavy Rain

While Texas’s salt flats recently created a beautiful beachy scene following an increase in local rains, desert areas don’t typically transform into little vacation hotspots. The salt flats’ flooding is no doubt beautiful. Although those living in desert-like climates need to be careful during major rains.

Previously, a TikTok video shared by Weston Couey earlier last month captured the transformation desert flatlands undergo among heavy rains. The clip opens with Couey’s introduction “Here comes the flood.”

It highlights the intensity with which flooding in the desert can occur. The early part of the video captures the vast collection of natural debris in the water. Combined with the speed at which the water traveled, it would definitely cause major harm to anyone in its path.

The beginning of the clip captures the river-like flow of the floodwaters, winding over the desert in the way a natural creek or waterway might. However, once the majority of the topside debris rushes by, viewers watch the incredibly dark water simply overtake the land, climbing the tiny bank and joining with floodwaters across the flat.

While nature’s natural occurrences are no doubt awe-inspiring, it’s common sense to highlight the dangers that accompany each phenomenon, especially during flash floods. According to the National Weather Service, the United States sees 88 fatalities a year due to flash floods.