PHOTO: Texas Fisherman Reels in Record-Smashing 876-Pound Fish

by Halle Ames

This Texas fisherman reeled in a record-smashing 876-pound fish that is perfect for the trophy wall. I hope he has enough space! 

Sheesh, talk about an arm workout!

Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Especially The Fish

On April 13th, Troy Lancaster, a Texas native hooked a monster bluefin tuna. After waiting nearly a month while formalities were getting in order, Lancaster claimed his bragging rights for his record-breaking fish. The Texas Parks and Wildlife officially recognized the record as of recently.

The fisherman reeled in the fish near Port Aransas in Texas, KXXV reports. It weighed in at a booming 876-pounds. The previous record dwindles in comparison with an 808-pound tuna that was caught back in 1985.

According to Fox News, landing a massive fish like this comes at a price. Federal laws prevent fishers from intentionally catching this type of fish in the Gulf. However, an angler can pay for a special permit that allows them to land a Bluefin tuna larger than 73 inches. Fishers must first prove they caught the fish unintentionally. Furthermore, the lucky angler that hooked the fish must report it to the proper authorities within 24 hours. 

“It’s (Facebook) Official”

On April 30th, the Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation made a Facebook post about the impressive catch. They also thanked Lancaster for letting scientists collect samples on the fish, although they didn’t clarify what they would use the samples for. 

“IT’S OFFICIAL! The Bluefin Tuna landed by Troy Lancaster on April 13th out of Port Aransas is the new Texas state record! Congratulations to Troy and the entire crew who brought this monster in. In addition, the Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation would like to thank Troy and Port Aransas Fishermans Wharf for letting our researchers collect samples from this amazing catch. We’re sure this record will stand for a long time but are sure folks are out there trying to break it already!”

IT’S OFFICIAL! The Bluefin Tuna landed by Troy Lancaster on April 13th out of Port Aransas is the new Texas state…

Posted by Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation on Friday, April 30, 2021

The Facebook post also noted that Troy Lancaster caught the tuna with live bait. Additionally, a local Texas newspaper gave some insight on how long it took to reel in the beast. It states that the angler hooked the tuna around 9:20 that April morning. It wasn’t until 6:30 that night that the fish was brought onboard. An hour of that time was just getting the fish from the surface of the water into the boat. 

Can you imagine how fatigued he must have been! Congratulations, Troy! You have earned every bit of your bragging rights.