PHOTO: Texas Wildlife Refuge Volunteer Stumbles Upon 20 Baby Alligators

by Chase Thomas
(Photo credit should read Adam Gray/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

You have got to always keep your eyes peeled when you’re exploring the great outdoors. This is especially the case when you’re out hiking and exploring our great and vast country. You never know, you might stumble onto 20 baby alligators as some folks did in Texas. No, seriously, that is what a volunteer with the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge found while hiking across the Heron Flats Trail over the weekend in Texas.

Baby Alligators Spotted in Texas

In a new post from the organization on their personal Facebook page they wrote, “One of our volunteers spotted about 20 baby alligators while hiking the Heron Flats Trail this weekend. These little ones probably hatched last year. Baby alligators typically stay with their mother for up to two years. Photo of young alligators on a grassy bank by Kevin Doxstater.”

How cool is that, folks? Over 20 baby alligators scattered across the trail. However, as cute as the baby alligators might be, there is a lot that folks need to be aware of if they come across them. For instance, if you see a number of baby alligators around, that likely means the mother is nearby in the water somewhere close. You have to be aware of that. The mother typically stays with her babies for up to two years after they are born.

So, you do not want to get close or potentially get a close glimpse of any of the baby alligators if you’re out and about this spring and summer. You never know what you might find around them in the process.

Another Alligator Spotting in The South

There was a scarier situation in Louisiana not too long ago. A man rescued a 5-year-old boy who fell into a canal where he was watching alligators. It was a terrifying situation. However, thankfully, a man heard the child call for help and saved the day.

In a post explaining the event via the Westwego Volunteer Fire Department, they said, “Today the Westwego Vol. Fire Department responded to a rescue at the Westwego Canal. A 5-year-old boy fell into a canal near the pumping station and was rescued from the water by Daniel Duplantier who was near the canal watching alligators when he heard the boy yelling for help. Westwego Fire – Police & EMS helped to get the boy back across the canal to safety where he was treated by EMS. Spring is upon us and Summer is near, keep a close eye on children around waterways and swimming pools.”

Both situations emphasize the same rules. Folks need to be careful this spring and summer in the south. Alligators will be out once again and it’s imperative that you watch where you’re walking and keep an eye on the water when moving through trails at various parks.