PHOTO: Wisconsin Hunter Bags State Crossbow Record Whitetail ‘Buck of a Lifetime’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Every hunting season, Outsiders across the United States take to the woods in hopes to spot that monster buck they’ve always dreamed of. However, for Wisconsin hunter Kevin Christorf, that dream actually came true last fall when he scored the white-tailed “buck of a lifetime.”

At a Glance:

  • Christorf’s buck became the Wisconsin state crossbow record for typical whitetail.
  • Field-dressed, the deer weighed more than 200 pounds.
  • The rack measured 190 7/8 inches in net.

Wisconsin Hunter Spends Years in Pursuit of Massive Whitetailed Buck

To be able to bring home meat at the end of the day is the basic goal for most American hunters. However, when you score a state record in the process, that makes the feat even more noteworthy.

According to a clip created by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, crossbow hunter Kevin Christorf and his wife Bayli had spent several years pursuing his record buck, one which locals had deemed “Hector.” The outlet reported Christorf had had several close encounters with Hector in the past, but all attempts to snatch up the deer were without luck.

That was until October 28th of last year when Christorf was finally able to harvest the massive animal. Before Christorf scored the whitetail, it had been known to frequent land in Trempealeau County, WI. Christorf, of Abbotsford, decided to canoe into the parcel of land the buck had been known to frequent, where he made his final encounter.

After years spent chasing what the bow hunter considered the “buck of a lifetime,” Christorf was finally able to take Hector home. However, doing so must not have been an easy feat.

Wisconsin Buck Considered ‘Massive’ in State Terms

After taking down the dream buck, the outlet reported Hector weighed more than 200 pounds field-dressed. So we can only imagine how much he weighed prior.

While the WI hunter was surely excited to have the buck’s measurements tallied by the state, it’s necessary for hunters to wait 60 days before doing so. During that time period, racks can shrink, and scores cannot be taken until they’ve reached their final size.

As to Hector’s measurements, Christorf had them taken at a Springfield, Missouri hunting banquet. There, scorers certified with Boone and Crocket, a national wildlife conservation club, determined the buck’s rack was “massive and extremely symmetrical.”

As such, the deer qualified as the state record for a typical whitetail. Altogether, Hector’s rack measured 190 7/8 inches in net, the sum coming from the total of all antler measurements.

Of his buck, the Wisconsin hunter said, “This was beyond anything I could have dreamed.”

To see images of the massive whitetail, check out the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s clip below.

Considering the size of Christorf’s record buck, it’ll be interesting to see just how big the next WI state record is.