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Photo: Wisconsin Wants Hunters to Avoid Extremely Rare Buck

by Madison Miller
Photo by: rebecca johnston on Unsplash

A beautiful buck spotted in Wisconsin is very much worth saving.

That’s what the Vilas County Sheriff’s Office is reminding people in posting a photo of one of the rare deer on their Facebook page.

An incredible sight to see here in Vilas County, a beautiful albino buck! This majestic creature was spotted in the greater Boulder Junction area (photo cred Tracy Weese)

Posted by Vilas County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Rare White Buck Spotted

The Sheriff’s Office labeled the buck “beautiful” and “majestic.”

The photo came from Tracy Weese, who spotted the buck in her backyard and took a picture of it. She shared it on her own personal social media accounts. The buck was spotted in the greater Boulder Junction area.

Many Facebook users rushed to the comment section to express how beautiful the animal is and how amazing it is to get to see one. They expressed to hunters to keep away from the animal and ones like it.

One Facebook user said, “A fantastically beautiful sight!! GUNS DOWN HANDS OFF!!! just enjoy the sight! and feel blessed he let you see him!”

Another user said, “It is truly magnificent to see. I would hope any hunter seeing this would NOT shoot it. It is more beautiful alive than on your wall.”

The buck in question appears to be either an albino deer or a white deer.

According to HuffPost, Albino deer are a bit more rare. It only occurs in 1 in every 30,000 deer. However, white deer are a bit more common. White deer occur due to a recessive gene.

“Hunters are very respectful of white and albino deer here in Wisconsin as they are protected and shooting one would result in a hefty fine,” Eric Lobner, the director of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ wildlife management program told HuffPost.

Hunting Albino Animals

Why do hunters avoid white animals?

Many countries or areas have laws in place to protect these animals. For example, a rare “spirit” moose was killed in Canada earlier this month besides laws and safeguards in place. It sparked outrage in the community and suggested some hunters just aren’t willing to follow these kinds of guidelines.

However, a lot of it just has to do with the rareness of the animals. Due to their color, albino or white animals often have a hard time staying alive. This makes them that much rarer.

White or albino animals, however, continue to be hunted. In large part, this is due to the large bounties placed on their head and their status as “the ultimate hunter’s prize.”

According to Independent, bucks and moose are far from being the only white animals in wildlife.

“The white deer is just one example of many white or albino animals that have attracted the attention of hunters, illegal animal traders and the plain curious,” according to the Independent.

From tigers to alligators to snakes, all rare white animals face the same risks.

Hunters should be aware of the regulations in place for their area. Especially with the start of the hunting season going in full swing in states like Wisconsin.