PHOTO: Woman Finds Mother Snake With 17 Babies Under Her Bed

by Josh Lanier

Burn it down and start over. That’s the advice a lot of people are giving a Georgia woman after she found 18 snakes under her bed earlier this week.

Trish Wilcher said she was getting ready for bed on Sunday when she saw what she thought was a piece of fuzz on the floor, PEOPLE magazine said. But when she went to pick it up, that “piece of fuzz” slithered away.

“And then a second later another piece moved, and I went to my husband, ‘We have snakes!'” she told WJBF on Monday.

But unlike most of the rest of us, she didn’t call a realtor. Because she married an absolute madman named Max. She said he just used a grabber tool and methodically picked up the snakes and put them in a bag.

“Ok we have turned the bedroom upside down… found 17 babies and the momma.  Up the street they have cleared some land that has been grown up for some time now … therefore we were the home spot for her litter!” she wrote on social media.  

Trish likely ended up with more to clean than just the “fuzz” she thought she saw. But she called a specialist named “Trapper Dan” to make sure all the snakes were collected.

“Still not confident that was the last of those things. Scared s—less to be honest! No sleep tonight…  just glad I saw that little tiny piece of what I thought was fuzz and went to pick it up!!!”

“Look at all the baby snakes in my bedroom. … I am freaked out,” she posted on Facebook.

Wilcher told that “Trapper Dan” identified the snakes as Dekay’s snakes. They’re non-venomous and grow to be about a foot long. They’re more commonly referred to as brown grass snakes.

Woman May Never Sleep in Master Bedroom Again

Despite getting the all-clear from “Trapper Dan,” Trish Wilcher said she hasn’t gone near her master bedroom since the incident, much less sleep there. In fact, she told Patch that she may never sleep in that room again. She didn’t say where she’s been sleeping since the incident because she is “struggling to move about the house much less sit down anywhere,” she wrote on Facebook.

Unlike her husband, Max, who may be one of the X-Men, who went right back to sleeping in their downstairs bedroom, even before getting Trapper Dan’s seal of approval.

“I will not go back down there,” she said. “It’s going to take a long time because that’s one of my biggest fears in life is for a snake to be in my room and possibly crawl up on me.

“I’m petrified, I’m scared, I don’t know how to react. …But I told (Max) that when it comes to sleeping, we’re going to be the odd couple.”