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Video: Nearly 50 Huge Robber Crabs Surround Family Camping on Christmas Island

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Olaf Wagner/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Watch as these Christmas Island campsites begin swarming with huge, hungry robber crabs. If you didn’t like crabs before – you’ll like them even less now.

It has been a very strange year for oceanic wildlife. According to Christmas Island Tourism‘s official Facebook page – the crabs are out – and they’re behaving badly! Locals and visiting campers are experiencing huge swaths of robber crabs – also known as coconut crabs. The hungry crustaceans have an exceptional sense of smell – and will close in on any cooking campsite.

Robber crabs behaving badly! 😝 a couple of local #christmasisland families had a few extra mouths to feed at their BBQ over the weekend. #coconutcrabs have an incredible sense of smell and for slow moving creatures they sure move quickly when there’s food around… would you like to share your picnic with these guys???If you live in Western Australia you can now visit Christmas Island and meet our wildlife for yourself…Please note that Robber Crabs are protected (and respected) here on Christmas Island 😊

Christmas Island Tourism

Robber crabs move in for the Rob

While the feat looks to be fun for some – others are not so keen with swarming coconut-sized crabs. Instagram user “winterishere2015” captures the crabbening on camera – and it is – as she hashtags it: #thestuffofyournightmares.


She’s not the only one photographing the crab-stastrophe, however. Many more locals and campers are sending their shots in to Christmas Island’s Facebook. The results, as you can see – look like something out of a science fiction film:


Robber or Coconut? Either way – RUN

This is where we fascinate you – or lose you completely. The robber crab (scientific name Birgus latro) is basically a giant hermit crab. More specifically, they are a giant species of terrestrial hermit crab, and are also known as the coconut crab or palm thief. They are the largest land-living arthropod in the world. As such, these beasts can be 3 feet long.

Knowing this – there are two kinds of people in this world:

  • Those who want to visit Christmas Island now more than ever
  • And those who now refuse to come within 100 miles of this place.

Regardless, robber crabs are permanent residents of the island – and they are protected. So if you happen to be visiting, remember: the crabs can hunt you – but you can’t hunt the crabs.

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