PHOTOS: Alligator Handler Seen in Viral Video Being Attacked Reveals Look at Injuries

by Courtney Blackann

Alligator handler Lindsay Bull is making a full recovery after she survived an attack last weekend. The incident was caught on video, via TMZ, which went viral. Sharing some photos of her injuries, however, Bull said she will be just fine – and she has no hard feelings for the scaly creature.

While she suffered significant tendon damage and a broken thumb and wrist, the incident could have been much worse.

Bull was just doing her job. During a demonstration with the animal at the Utah facility Scales and Tails, Bull’s hand looked a little too appetizing. The alligator seized his opportunity and clamped down on the handler’s arm.

The nearby customers are heard gasping and calling for help. One brave man, Donnie Wiseman, was standing by and can be heard screaming, “We need help here!” before jumping on top of the gator’s back and wrestling with it à la Steve Irwin. The alligator – aptly named Darth Gator – attempts to do a death roll with Bull’s hand in its mouth. The handler remains calm the entire time, carefully giving instructions to the man about how to help.

In the photos, Bull shows a badly bloodied hand that is swollen. In another photo, however, she’s smiling and her arm is heavily casted.

Why Alligators Attack

Bull said she has no hard feelings for the gator. As a handler, she’s had extensive training and understands that wild animals are just that – wild. There’s always a bit of risk when working with the creatures and Bull will continue to take that risk.

Moreover, Bull is incredibly grateful for the people who came to her aid when she was at the mercy of the gator’s powerful jaws. She plans to meet with those customers in a show of thanks following the incident.

Bull was released from the hospital Tuesday.

While alligator attacks aren’t super common, they do happen. It seems that Florida has not been so lucky in this area. The state saw the most alligator attacks of any state this past year.

There are several reasons why alligator attacks happen when people are seemingly minding their own business. A very unfortunate cyclist learned this lesson the hard way when he lost control of his bike and ended up falling into some water near the trail.

He was attacked by an alligator and taken for emergency medical care. Experts said it’s likely the alligator was just defending its nest, which is one reason they may attack a person.

Aggressive males are also extremely dangerous to people during mating season. When traveling through areas where gators live, it’s best to keep a lookout and take safety measures while doing so.