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Photos: Baby Albino Cyclops Shark Caught by Shocked Fishermen

by Halle Ames
(Photo By: Mikhail Ognev / EyeEm/ Getty Image)

A fishing crew in Indonesia was shocked when they looked in the belly of a shark that died in their nets and found an albino shark that only had one eye. 

The unfortunate rare fish was found dead inside the stomach of a larger shark that died. The larger shark died after being trapped in the fisher’s net on October 10. The fisherman cast their nets off the coast of the Maluku province in Indonesia.  

The men found the small snow-white shark having only one large eye in the middle of its head. The condition is Cyclopia, which is a birth deformity that causes the embryo only to make one eye instead of two. The rare shark also has Albinism that makes the animal produce low amounts of melanin, making the animal white in color. 

Andy, a 29-year-old fisherman onboard the Indonesian ship, said the adult shark could have been pregnant when it died.  

“We found three babies inside its stomach, but one of them looked strange with only one eye,” said Andy. “Its color was strange, too, like milk.”

Andy and the rest of the crew called the local marine officer to report the strange find. They then turned the carcass over to the officials for examination. 

Struggles Associated with Albino Animals

Animals with Albinism are less likely to survive in the wild due to their lack of camouflage and their color standing out against predators. According to Brit Finucci, a fisheries scientist with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand, the color may have made it difficult for other individuals to recognize it as one of their own. This impacts its ability to mate. In addition, the shark would not be able to sneak up on prey. Consequently, it would have a hard time hunting. 

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