Photos: Extremely Rare Bright Yellow Turtle Discovered

by Halle Ames

There are some colors you just don’t see many animals popping up as, and bright yellow is one of them. However, the residents of a village in West Bengal, India, spotted an extremely rare turtle living in a pond on Tuesday. 

 Believe it or not, this is the second yellow turtle sighting India has had this year, while the first one was seen back in July in Odisha. 

The lemon-colored reptile has gone viral online after an Indian Forest Service officer named Debashish Sharma posted its photos. Sharma says that the color may be due to a genetic mutation or a congenital disorder that occurs in the absence of tyrosine pigment. 

Furthermore, reptiles, like crocodiles, typically have high amounts of tyrosine in their bodies. 

Wildlife Biologist Sneha Dharwadkar said that the turtle is a yellow morph of albino Indian flap shell turtle. This type of turtle is a softshell and freshwater species that is only found in South Asia. They are also omnivores that feast on frogs, snails, fish, and plants and typically are only nine to 14 inches long. 

Either way, we can’t get enough of the little yellow guy!

The tweet already has over 515 retweets, 535 quote tweets, as well as 3,300 likes. 

Twitter users also had a good time identifying look-alikes for the yellow Indian flap shell turtle. 

Other Rare Finds

Also in India, another extremely rare animal made its way into the spotlight. Shocked men pulled a healthy two-headed baby shark from their nets during a fishing trip off the coast of Palghar, India. However, after a quick photoshoot, fisherman Nitin Patil threw it back into the ocean because he pitied the baby shark. On the other hand, scientists say they have “never seen anything like this.” In addition, one marine biologist told the Hindustan Times that the deformity is “so rare” that it’s difficult to find any specific “cause.”

[H/T Weather Channel]