PHOTOS: Family of Bears Have ‘Taken Up Residence’ in South Carolina Family’s Backyard

by Madison Miller

“When you’re here, you’re family,” at least that’s what a family of bears has decided upon entering a South Carolina backyard.

A family living in Carolina Forest, South Carolina, shared a couple of snapshots of a mama bear with a couple of its cubs following close behind.

Family Records Wildlife in Backyard

According to ABC 15 News, the bears appeared out of nowhere in a local family’s backyard. The daughter, Marlena Ryba, posted the photos on Facebook for others to see. She also was seeking advice on what to do in this situation.

She wrote, “Help! These poor bears … have taken up residence in my parents’ backyard. We don’t want anything bad to happen to them. Who should we call to help them? Will they relocate them?”

Ryba was adamant about not wanting anything bad to happen to the family of visitors. She just didn’t know what to do in order to prevent them from returning. She was fearful that the animals would possibly be violent or deadly in the future.

“Best thing to do is make sure people know to keep their trash cans secure and take down bird feeders to discourage them from coming around. No food source and they will move on,” Kimberly Cerimele, the executive director of the Carolina Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, commented on the video and pictures.

The increase in local bear sightings may be due to development occurring along the Grand Strand. Due to the changes in their environment, bears may be looking elsewhere to get their normal food sources.

Ryba also got advice to call the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Recent Bear Attack

A recent bear attack in Russia is one of the most gruesome stories related to wildlife encounters to appear in the news this year.

A group of hikers was on a camping trip in Ergaki national park in south-central Russia on July 27. The hikers had just scaled a wall of rocks to try to get away when they first confronted a wild bear, however, one man ended up lagging behind the rest of the group.

According to Insider, the three friends had to witness as the bear devoured the one friend. The group then was forced to walk barefoot through the wilderness without any kind of equipment in their possession.

The bear has been apprehended and killed due to the recent attack. There are theories circulating on why that area has seen more bear attacks recently. One of which is that bears are hungrier because of longer and colder winters, which are restricting their readily available access to food sources.

According to Backpacker, there have been five people killed in North America from grizzly and black bears in just the last five months.