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PHOTOS: Fisherman Lands Giant Lake Trout While On Phone with Doctor

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Dmitry FeoktistovTASS via Getty Images)

Ever landed a 27-pound lake trout whilst on the phone with your doctor amidst an impromptu ice fishing trip? Murray Zelt has.

Fantastic stories make for fantastic headlines. Last Wednesday, angler Murray Zelt brought in the catch of a lifetime courtesy of a last-minute trip to Horse Lake in British Colombia.

The Canadian’s exceptional catch is such for many reasons. Chief among them is, of course, the 27 lb. weight of the absolute monster lake trout. In addition, Zelt (57) never even planned on fishing that day in the first place.

According to USA Today’s FTW sports trade, Zelt rose early Wednesday morning to make a follow-up appointment with his doctor. The visit was to be a routine checkup a month after an emergency surgery left him hospitalized for several days. The day, however, would turn out far from routine.

An unexpected call came in, and Zelt found himself without the need to commute. The culprit? COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic. His doctor’s office would only accommodate a mid-morning phone appointment, and as such, Zelt found himself a free man for the morning.

“So that allowed me to think, ‘Hmm, up early, now what should I do?’ ” Zelt recalls to FTW. “And of course I decide to go back to Horse Lake where I’d caught my previous biggest lake trout (14 pounds) just two days earlier.”

The astounding, ridiculously remarkable result of his freedom? See for yourself:

Massive Lake Trout is an Absolute Monster

For the ‘lifetime catch’ at Horse Lake, Murray Zelt was wearing his lucky shirt his family gave him the day his grandson came into this world. He drilled several 8-inch holes to begin the morning.

Angling for an hour with no bites, the time eventually came for the checkup with his doctor. Luckily, his physician tells him they’re in a “best case scenario” for his recovery (after an intestinal obstruction) – and Zelt can now resume outdoor activities…

It’s a good thing, too, because look at the size of that lake trout.

Right as the angler told his doctor he was ice fishing, the bite came. On the other end of his line was the 27 lb. behemoth.

“I tell him, ‘OMG I just hooked one and it feels BIG!’ and he was cool, not worried about the medical discussion,” Zelt decrees of the incredible situation.

Zelt switched the call to speakerphone to let his doctor (also an angler) in on the catch, but the doctor knew this was a solo fight that would take Zelt’s full focus. 15 minutes in, Zelt was breaking his cluster of 8 small holes to create one large enough to pull the gigantic lake trout from.

“Bigger lake trout do occasionally get caught some years around the Cariboo [region],” Zelt continues. “But I’m willing to bet none with the angler discussing medical updates with their surgeon when the fish strikes and runs hard.”

After the titanic struggle, Zelt weighted the trout, took several photos, then released the majestic beast back into its icy home – too magnificent to let suffocate above water.

One of the first people to receive photos of the 27-pound lake trout via text? Zelt’s doctor.

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