PHOTOS: Florida Family Discovers 11-Foot Alligator Lounging in Their Swimming Pool

by Chris Haney

In another case of Florida being Florida, a family woke up early Tuesday morning to find an enormous alligator relaxing in their swimming pool. The 11-foot gator ripped its way through the family’s screened-in backyard pool area to take a dip.

Of course, the family immediately called the proper authorities to have someone safely remove the large reptile. The Deep Creek resident’s home lies just north of Fort Myers, Florida. County officers in the area responded to the emergency call and dealt with the alligator in the swimming pool.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office shared photos from the early morning encounter on their official Facebook account. Several photos showed responders before and after they captured the gator. Allegedly the beast of an animal is not only 11 feet long but weighed over 550 pounds as well. A closer look at the Facebook photos shows deputies carefully removing the alligator from the swimming pool.

“Water Safety Month, Tip #37: Always check your pool before diving in!” the sheriff’s office wrote in the post. “A Deep Creek family was awakened by some loud noises on their lanai and came out to find this guy taking a dip in their pool. Coming in at 10’11” and weighing over 550lbs., he tore through the screen to get to the nice, cool water.”

In the latter photos shared by local authorities, you can see deputies holding onto the pole used to wrangle the gator. A wildlife expert is standing over the alligator as they subdue the creature for transport. As of now, there is no update on whether the alligator was relocated from the swimming pool or euthanized. We’ll update the story if further details are released.

Florida Police Wrangle in Alligator Outside of Elementary School

These Florida stories about alligator encounters with locals are a dime a dozen in the Sunshine State. In fact, earlier this week on Monday, faculty spotted a six-foot alligator outside of their elementary school. The teachers called Florida authorities to their Michigan Avenue Elementary School in St. Cloud, Florida to remove “Gary the Gator” from the premises.

Thankfully, police showed up and managed to wrangle the alligator without any injuries to the animal or anyone involved. Yet students and teachers had quite the spectacle to watch during the short encounter. Probably more excitement than the elementary school children’s parents would’ve liked for a Monday. But the school’s assistant principal, Erin Williams, and other faculty members worked together to keep parents and kids safe while still being able to watch the encounter.

On Facebook, the St. Cloud Police Department recalled the incident on their official Facebook page later that day. The account shared photos of the accidental trespasser taken from the school’s surveillance footage. Just another day’s work for authorities in Florida.

“Gary the Gator was found trespassing on school grounds this morning,” the St. Cloud Police Department wrote. “SRO Burrows took Gary into custody before he was bonded out and released with strict instructions to never return to school property again!”