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Photos: Horse Rescued After Sinking Neck-Deep in Mud

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP via Getty Images)

Local officials have rescued a horse after it became almost completely submerged in mud at Bear Creek Lake Park.

According to Fox21News, Lakewood Animal Control, West Metro Fire and Bear Creek Lake Park Rangers were present on the scene. Reportedly, the horses owner was walking the horse near the lake when her companion became uneasy. From there, it became clear that the horse was stuck in a muddy area. As the horse began to sink, the owner alerted officials.

West Metro Fire Dept. is keeping their followers up to date on the harrowing rescue via their Facebook page. Within, the officers state:

Our crews this afternoon on a horse rescue at Bear Creek Lake Park.
The owner was walking the horse near the lake when it spooked, got into a muddy area and started sinking. At one point, the horse was having a hard time keeping its head out of the mud.
Company 10, Engine 9, District 2 and SaM2 responded. Firefighters used plywood as a platform as they dug down through the mud far enough to free the horse, using a rope to pull him out. He was tired, but ok. Thanks to Lakewood Police Department and Lakewood Park Rangers for the assistance.

West Metro Fire Dept.

Rescued: Thankfully, the horse is a-okay

Because of the small size of their hooves compared to the rest of their bodies, horses can have a very hard time with mud. Unlike us humans, who have long, wide feet comparatively to our size – horse hooves are one of their smallest features. Once these heavy animals place the small surface area of their hooves into a soft surface, they can quickly begin to sink. This is also true of other hooved species, such as elk and steer.

Thankfully, in this instance, the authorities were able to loosen the mud and free the horse. While the equine was in need of treatment by an emergency vet on the scene – he is expected to make a full recovery.

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