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Photos: Humpback Whales Captured in Incredible Images Taken from Boat’s Bathroom Window

by Chris Haney
Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images

On Wednesday, a California photographer shared some of his most impressive snapshots of humpback whales and let his followers in on an interesting secret – they were taken from a bathroom.

Doug Croft, who works for Blue Ocean Whale Watch in Monterey Bay, CA, made a strange confession over the photos. He said the images in his Facebook post were not taken from either of the vessel’s two decks. Instead, oddly enough they were taken from its restroom.

“When I’m deck boss, I spend my time on the main deck (with passengers),” Croft posted. “When I’m on the boat for fun, I spend a lot of time below deck, in the head. The porthole in the bathroom severely restricts field-of-view, but the low-to-the-water perspective more than makes up for it.”


The photographer showed off multiple pictures of enormous humpback whales like the one above. In fact, that particular photo was good enough to win Croft the 2018 NOAA Get Into Your Sanctuary Photo Contest. The picture highlighted surface-feeding humpback whales close to the coast accompanied by seagulls hovering above.

Other images shared included an April 2019 photo of a 40-ton humpback whale. As a captain fished from the back of his small boat, the huge whale breached the surface only 15 yards away. Luckily, the massive cetacean fell backward and away from the fortunate angler. You can watch the full breach that included the moment Croft captured the whale in the video below.

Another of Croft’s shared photographs showed a single breaching humpback whale in a perfect arch. The State Capitol in Sacramento displayed the photo inside its building. In addition, Outdoor California Magazine featured the amazing photo as well.


Bathroom Photos Give Unique Perspective at Sea

Regulars aboard Blue Ocean’s vessel, High Spirits, know to bring their cameras with them when they need to visit the restroom because of its one-of-a-kind perspective.

Captain and naturalist Kate Cummings says the narrow porthole gives a unique perspective since it’s so low to the water.

“It’s also more satisfying when you nail a shot from the head,” Cummings explains. “Considering the added challenge of shooting through such a small area. You also can’t beat the comical bragging rights.”

Croft’s Facebook post generated multiple comments. One follower even joked that, “If I were designing a whale-watch boat, it would have multiple bathroom windows.”

High Spirits is a 60-foot twin-deck vessel that is temporarily running on a limited capacity. COVID-19 restrictions have forced the vessel to run on limited loads for social distancing purposes.

Visitors can regularly spot humpback whales and many other marine species in Monterey Bay.

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