WATCH: Loose Cow Creates Traffic Mess on Georgia Highway, Evades Police Cars

by Jon D. B.

Thankfully, the cowboy profession is still alive and well in America, or this cow’s interstate stampede may have gone on for several more hours.

Motorists driving Interstate 285 in Georgia on Saturday had some unexpected company. After reports of a crash in the Dunwoody area, alongside the closure of three lanes, local police responded to find a loose cow was their culprit.

“This morning, officers responded to a cow running on I-285 in Dunwoody,” the precinct’s Twitter said of the bovine back-up. “It was determined the cow fell out of a trailer and began running down the interstate.”

While Dunwoody officers did their best to steer the steer clear of causing further collisions, it came down to a heroic “citizen with a rope” – i.e. a real-life cowboy – to “safely capture the cow and get it back to its owner.”

“Chasing people is a norm for officers. However, chasing cows on the interstate… not so much,” Dunwoody added in their Facebook post of the incident.

In short: always bring a lasso to a cow fight.

The cow’s interstate stroll held up traffic for over an hour, WSB-TV reports. And according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this weekend wasn’t the only time a bovine has held up Atlanta-area traffic.

“In 2018, there were three separate incidents of cattle ending up on highways within a five-month period,” the trade cites. Sounds like Georgia needs some livestock agents on-hand for their interstates, too!

“Traffic was moving a little. Cars were slowly getting by. Then all the sudden this cow comes running around the corner with a gentleman chasing him,” local driver Michael Gerbrick tells AJC of this most recent incident. “I was surprised when I saw it, but I guess it is Atlanta.”

Dash-Cam Footage Captures Cow Between Georgia Interstate Congestion

In addition to the precinct’s photos, Daily Mail is sharing a short clip of the cow-centric catastrophe Monday. Within, the bovine in question can be seen jaunting about the middle of Interstate 285. Surrounding traffic is understandably heavy, congested, and unwavering.

In the livestock’s stead is one Dunwoody officer doing his best to handle the situation:

Unfortunately, there is no footage available of the “citizen” cowboy who came to everyone’s rescue. Seeing several cops in pursuit of a cow saved by the lassoing skills of a professional – now that’s something we truly want to see.

In the end, however, no one was hurt – including the cow. And we can’t ask for much more than that.