Massive Tornado Rips Through Northeast Leaving One Dead, Major Trail of Destruction

by Shelby Scott

Hurricane Ida made landfall on Louisiana’s coast early Sunday, August 29th. She quickly dropped from a Category 4 to a Category 2 hurricane. Eventually, the hurricane transitioned to a tropical storm and then a tropical depression following. However, the hurricane’s rapid decline from Cat-4 to tropical depression did not mean East Coasters were out of harm’s way. Ida’s remnants recently lead to major flooding in New York and New Jersey as well as in parts of Pennsylvania. The depression also spawned multiple tornadoes in the coastal area, leaving one dead so far.

Photos and videos across social media capture major and minor roadways completely submerged in floodwaters. Waterways are entirely overrun and urban areas are feet beneath water levels. The New York Post said the flash floods also knocked out urban subway services and canceled hundreds of flights. Flooding was so intense Wednesday night, Newark airport’s bottom level was inaccessible, water entirely flooding the floor.

Further, Garden State residents shared numerous videos of a monster tornado that ripped through their area. Reports claim, however, the storm spawned three tornadoes overall. NBC Philadelphia reported that nine homes in Mullica Hill, NJ were completely demolished.

The news outlet further stated that an “apparent tornado” near the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland led to one fatality and two people currently unaccounted for. Further south, homes in West Virginia sustained major damage while trailers washed away amid flash floods.

New Jersey Residents Buckled Down Amid a Monster Tornado

The Northeast Coast doesn’t typically experience hurricanes at magnitudes in which states along the Gulf Coast do. However, they frequently experience tornadoes and tornado warnings. Most recently, several New Jersey homeowners buckled down amid a monster tornado’s approach, filming the beast gaining mass and speed. Footage shows the dark gray cyclone whipping trees where they stood and blackening the sky.

The dark swirling mass was further accompanied by flashing lightning, adding to its haunting effect. Elsewhere, regions of the Northeast experienced funnel clouds, but officially, only one tornado touched down in New Jersey. The other funnel clouds reportedly never touched the ground to rank as a tornado.

Regardless, destruction along the East Coast is devastating. Alongside New Jersey and New York, heavily affected states include Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Further, New York City marked a record among a record-setting storm, receiving its first flash flood warning from the National Weather Service.

Search and rescue missions ensue along the Atlantic coast, as Hurricane Ida brought flash flooding and major destruction overall. Recovery nationally will be a long road and first responders are sure to spend the next several days answering emergency calls, recoveries, and other dire situations. From fallen trees to missing persons, Ida spared nobody along the eastern seaboard.