PHOTOS: Moose Shed Christmas Tree is The Coolest Holiday Decor We’ve Seen This Year

by Halle Ames

Call it what you will, but you have to admit this moose Christmas tree is awesome! It’s the perfect combination of outdoors and Christmas. Good luck getting your wife to sign off on it, though. 

Only in Canada would you see such a tree. If you are an avid hunter, this antler and skull tree is right up your alley. However, if you are a traditional Christmas lover, this is basically equivalent to committing blasphemy. Since we are both, we are quite torn at the moment. 

Bruce Bernard Taite built the massive and impressive “tree” that features ten moose racks at the least. The antlers are also decorated with lights to really sell the Christmas spirit and let us tell you, we are buying into it. 

Moose Shed Christmas Tree Post

Taite’s son proudly sits in front of the tree and smiles for his photo for the Outdoor Channel.

“How cool is this?! Bruce Bernard Taite built the most Canadian Christmas Tree we’ve ever seen! His son poses with the towering display of Northern Manitoba moose sheds. #WhatGetsYouOutdoors #Canada #MooseHunting #CanadaHunting #Christmas #DIY.”

The post has gained some attention on Facebook as more than 150 people have shared the images, and nearly 500 users have liked it. 

We might not be able to make up our minds, but the Facebook users in the comments sure love it. One man wrote, “This is great artwork! Masterpiece,” and another said, “Very cool Good Hunter.” While others were quite witty, saying, “Is it a tree or the new game of thrones throne? lol.”

While we can’t say we disagree with them, the large center moose is giving us a weird look. Not a very jolly face to look at on Christmas morning. 

Although, who are we to say that you can’t celebrate and put presents under a skull? To each their own.