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PHOTOS: Rare 7-Foot Long Giant Squid Washes Ashore on Beach

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ministry of Fisheries via Getty Images)

It isn’t every day a colossal cephalopod is spotted. However, in South Africa, a beachgoer noticed a giant squid, unfortunately, a dead one. It is a shame that these creatures live so far down in our seas and oceans. Only a few times has a live giant squid been photographed or recorded. Real-life sea monsters, just under the surface of our most vast waters.

What was once thought to be a mythical creature of the deep, is very real. While they measure anywhere from six feet to sixteen feet depending on how the animal is measured, they can get massive. While this animal in South Africa was dead, it is still amazing to see.

Check out the Instagram post below and check it out yourself.

“Seems there is not too much known about these creatures,” the post caption says. “Limited consensus over the number of species. Estimates of species across the genus vary. At least three distinct species exist, but there could be many more. The global distribution is wide and consistent with this sighting. Looks like this poor guy got taken out by a propeller.”

One of the phrases that were repeated in the replies to the post was some version of “incredible, but sad.” It really is the best way to summarize such a thing. So, is this the coolest thing you can find washed up on a beach? It has to be one of the top-3 at least.

From the mantle, the non-tentacle part of the squid, to the end of the tentacles this beast measured just over 7 feet long. Giant squids, of which there are about 3 species, are the biggest invertebrates in the world.

Giant Squid Live Deep, Are Rarely Seen

These giant squid sightings are really rare and almost always awesome. Since the species live at depths of over 1000+ feet they rarely pop up for people to see them alive. There was an incident not long ago in Obama, Japan where a squid washed up. It was alive though and kept alive by a little bit of water that it floated in. Thankfully, locals got it back in the water where it belonged.

These animals have inspired countless stories and myths over the years. Giant squid have captured the imaginations of sailors, fishermen, and anyone else who goes out on the sea. From art to tall tales. Even in 2022, when one of these cephalopods washes up on a beach somewhere, we can’t help but be intrigued and entertained by it.

These photos were awesome and although this beast of the deep had to be photographed dead, at least this event was captured for all of us to see and share.