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Photos: Rare Albino Buck Caught on Camera in Wisconsin

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

A rare albino buck was spotted near Boulder Junction, Wisconsin recently. While seeing whitetail deer in the wild or on the highway isn’t a rare occurrence seeing one with a complete lack of pigmentation is. In fact, these animals are so rare that they are illegal for hunters to harvest.

The albino buck was spotted just days before Wisconsin’s annual gun deer hunting season kicks off. The season will open November 21st but this majestic creature need not fear a hunter’s bullet. According to Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, it is illegal to shoot a dear that is all white except for “the hooves, tarsal gland, head and parts of the head”. However, it is fine to harvest a deer that is just mostly white.

How Rare is an Albino Buck?

You’re not likely to spot one of these all-white deer in the wild. Mossy Oak reports it is estimated that only around one in thirty-thousand deer are born white. The coloring of these animals makes it hard for them to hide from predators. Albinism also comes with other health issues such as full or partial blindness. So, seeing one of these creatures reach maturity is even rarer. This explains their protected status in many states.

Less rare but nearly as shocking a site to see are piebald deer. These animals aren’t completely white but have large white areas with spots of their normal brown coloring. While not as protected as deer with albinism, piebald deer with a certain percentage of white fur are protected in some states. The rule of thumb should probably be to let these rare and beautiful creatures pass and wait for another buck to come through.