PHOTOS: Squirrel Stashes Thousands of Nuts Inside Man’s Truck Over Just a Few Days

by Courtney Blackann

We’re not sure what compelled a small red squirrel to fill an entire truck with nuts, but once it got the idea in its head, there was no stopping him. Staying busy for a good while, the squirrel managed to fill the entire truck full of giant black walnuts. If it was a competition, this guy would take him the gold. He certainly amassed a delicious winter feast!

However, for the North Dakota man who owns the Chevy Avalanche – or should we say nut storage unit – it’s been nothing but a headache. In a cartoon-like battle to rid the vehicle of the nuts, Bill Fischer keeps filling entire buckets full of walnuts collected from his truck. So far, he’s collected 42 gallons of nuts.

At some point this season, the red squirrel made itself comfortable in a tree in Fischer’s front yard. Since that time, he’s been busy collecting and storing nuts for the winter season. Though it’s unclear why the squirrel chose Fischer’s truck as a storage place, he sure put a lot of work into it.

Not only are the lemon-sized balls inside the bed of the Chevy, they’re underneath the hood. In order to remove the majority of the nuts, Fischer had to take off the vehicle’s front end. And that’s not all. He said as he drives the truck, he continues to hear the nuts rolling around in various parts of the car.

Talk about a mess! Check out photos of the ordeal below.

Nut-Alternatives for Squirrels

If the poor red squirrel from North Dakota finds his nut-stash less than perfect, he should take a hint from these pizza-loving squirrels documented last Spring.

You read that right – pizza. Several squirrels were seen munching on the cheesy goodness up in some trees. There were at least three different accounts. It’s not clear how they were able to steal the delicious pies and drag them all the way up a tree, but can you really blame them?

At least one couple noticed this odd behavior right in their own backyard. And one of them happened to be a food writer. She knew she needed to document the incident.

“This miracle was captured on video by my husband, Matt Robicelli, who chose to spend over ten minutes watching this squirrel tear into a slice of pizza from our stoop while I remained asleep upstairs,” Allison Robicelli writes in her trade.

She went on to joke about the incident: “Since I am a serious food journalist, I was able to convince Matt to grant me an exclusive interview about his unforgettable encounter with Pizza Squirrel,” she said.