PHOTO: Thousands of Sand Dollars Wash Up on Oregon Beach in Bizarre Pic, Leaves Scientists Stumped

by Taylor Cunningham

On Thursday morning (August 19th), Oregon beachgoers walked into an eerie scene. Thousands of sand dollars washed ashore during high tides throughout the week and had died. The Seaside Aquarium announced that high tides started bringing creatures to Seaside Beach on Sunday morning. And while they were alive when they came ashore, they died shortly after. Because sand dollars can only survive a few minutes outside of water.

During tides, sand dollars can usually avoid being stranded on beaches by laying flat or burying themselves under the sand on the ocean floor.

Aquarium officials said they are perplexed by the situation. Although it appears that thousands of sand dollars have washed in, they do not have an exact number. And, they do not know if this is happening on any other beaches across the coastline.

In a Facebook post, the aquarium wrote, “At this time, we do not know what has caused this, and these types of incidents usually have several contributing factors. We are also unaware if this is an isolated incident or if this is happing on other beaches.”

Several Injured After Lightning Strikes NYC Beach

In a rare event, several beachgoers were struck by lightning during a sudden storm.

A sudden, devastating storm hit Orchard Beach in New York City on Thursday, August 12th and a subsequent lightning strike injured seven people. All the victims were taken to a local hospital. One victim, a thirteen-year-old boy, later died

The six remaining victims, which include two adults and four children, are in stable condition and did not suffer from life-threatening injuries.

Once the storm started to form, lifeguards cleared the water. Visitors ran as the severe storm hit the shore. All of the victims were on the sand when they were struck.

“It was bad. Everybody was running. Next thing you know, the cloud came above us, and lightning just started falling everywhere, all around us,” said one victim.

Enormous Shark Spotted Only Yards From Shore

Sharks have been making headlines since 2020 when populations began to soar. In a particularly terrifying event, beachgoers in Spain fled when an eight-foot killer was spotted stalking the beach.

“Police and lifeguards rushed to the beach and immediately started getting people out of the water,” one swimmer said.

Luckily, no one was injured. Out of caution, the Spanish police sent two boats and a helicopter to track the shark to ensure it would not return to the beach. Witnesses told reporters that the shark was “massive” and could have caused “serious” injuries.