PHOTOS: Train Carrying Brand New F-150’s Derails Causing Chaotic Scene, Destroying Trucks

by Shelby Scott

Missouri railways saw its third train derailment this year as of last Monday. This most recent incident saw the train cars transporting brand new Ford trucks, including the highly in-demand Ford F-150s. According to the Detroit Free Press, the train derailed on Huntington Road in Ralls County, MO. Check out the Tweet below for aerial photos of the derailment.

Based on information from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Free Press said a total of 46 train cars derailed. That was after an initial count reported 33. The photos clearly show multiple brand new F-150 pick-up trucks, all confirmed a total loss following the crash. As of the August 5th article, Ford global manufacturing and labor communications manager, Kelli Felker could not confirm how many trucks and cars suffered damage from the derailment, nor how which ones.

The derailment is shocking for United States citizens as they see a vehicle shortage similar to 2020’s toilet paper shortage. However, it’s apparently not the first the local area has seen. Corporal Justin Dunn of the Missouri State Highway Patrol Toop B said of the incident, “The crazy thing is, this is the third train derailment we’ve had this year. It’s kind of where we’re wondering what’s going on.”

The crash is definitely suspicious as railroad personnel is responsible for thorough investigations and troubleshooting. According to Dunn, this most recent derailment is the second Norfolk Southern incident of the year. The first crash took place in Monroe County, MO, and the second took place in the same region.

The article concluded that the cause of this most recent accident, and its predecessors, is unknown.

Ford Is in a Bind Trying to Output Trucks During a Major Shortage

While the loss of the train cars is definitely detrimental to the railway, the totaled pick-up trucks cause even more monetary damage. The Free Press said that Ford, along with other auto competitors, has cut production at their factories. They explained the industry is experiencing a semiconductor chip shortage, the root cause of the decrease in production.

According to a CNN Business article, new car inventories aren’t expected to begin recovering until next month. Additionally, it also stated that the new car inventories will continue to remain below pre-COVID levels until next year.

The shortage is so extreme, General Motors stated in early July that they would hold off making the majority of its full-size pick-ups for an entire week. While the shortage has caused increased prices for both new and used vehicles, the CNN article provided clearer visuals for readers. Car prices were said to have risen 5.3 percent in the last year. Overall, people can expect to pay an average of $41 thousand for any given new car.