PHOTOS: Trucks Nearly Submerged as Hurricane Ida Floods Alabama’s Dauphin Island

by Shelby Scott

Tennessee residents recently saw major destruction surrounding homes and vehicles following the aftermath of Hurricane Henri. Now, Hurricane Ida rapidly moves inland over Louisiana and the surrounding states. Already, flooding is once again threatening southern homes and vehicles.

Hurricane Ida is trending across Twitter, and, most recently, one tweet captured the nearly full submersion of two Alabama pickup trucks. The first image captures a blue Nissan pickup with water rising just below the driver-side window. The other captures the bed of a silver Ford. The water rises right above the rocker panels, threatening the destruction of both the vehicle and, presumably, the smoker strapped down in the back. See for yourselves.

As of now, CBS News reports that Hurricane Ida has not made landfall yet. Therefore, the rapidly rising floodwaters on Dauphin Island along the Gulf Coast indicate Ida intends to leave significant destruction in its wake.

Commenters to the tweet expressed their surprise at the trucks’ damage, multiple simply writing, “Already?” The sentiment reveals the potential destruction resultant from Hurricane Ida following the storm’s conclusion. For now, we wait to hear more surrounding the hurricane’s landfall within affected southern regions.

Country Music Stars Prepare for Hurricane Ida’s Impact

Louisiana officials have been forced to hustle to find shelter for state residents. Additionally, the regions’ increased suffering during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic promises Hurricane Ida will wreak havoc among southern citizens.

In response to trending news surrounding Hurricane Ida, country music icon Tim McGraw shared his sentiments surrounding the hurricane Saturday. On Twitter, he wrote, “Praying for the folks in my home state of Louisiana and all that are in Hurricane Ida’s path. Stay safe.”

Realistically, officials and civilians are scrambling to find safety and shelter during Hurricane Ida’s approach. Outsider nevertheless shares McGraw’s sentiments.

Additionally, country music artist Jason Aldean saw backlash from the approaching hurricane earlier this weekend. Until Friday night, the star prepared for one of his “Back In The Saddle” tour dates in Orange Beach, Alabama. However, the star and his team eventually made the decision to cancel the concert Friday night. The Saturday night concert has been rescheduled for this fall. However, the decision highlights the potential dangers entwined with the category 4 hurricane.

Region Officials Emphasize Mortal Dangers Accompanying the Cat-4 Hurricane

Twitter, country music, Outsiders, and the rest of our U.S. citizens are no doubt keeping the lives of Louisiana residents in mind as Hurricane Ida approaches.

However, while the sentiments are important for morale, one Louisiana official bluntly shared with Jefferson Parish residents that Hurricane Ida’s ferocity will be “unsurvivable.” Lying near both the Louisiana Gulf Coast and New Orleans, Jefferson Parish faces imminent danger among Hurricane Ida’s approach.

During a news conference, President Cynthia Lee Sheng said, “I want to reiterate, the storm surge that we are expecting is unsurvivable…You have time to get out.” She emphasized the importance of mandatory evacuations stating, “We need you to leave immediately.”

While Jefferson Parish residents rush to follow orders, Louisiana residents at large rush state highways, trying to remove themselves from Hurricane Ida’s path.