PHOTOS: Woman Takes Massive Rescue Bear Fishing in Boat in Gorgeous Shots

by Jon D. B.

It’s as incredible as it sounds. Photographer and conservationist Veronika Dichka and her rescue grizzly bear, Archik, have taken what may be the most glorious photos of all time. All while fishing. In a boat. Together.

When in Russia…

There’s no two ways around it – this would never happen in the ol’ U.S. of A. I cannot imagine the loopholes prior – then possible citations resulting from placing a grizzly bear (technically a species of brown bear, but all browns are subspecies of Ursus arctos, with “grizzly” used interchangeably) in a boat over here. Yet Russia’s own Veronika Dichka has accomplished the impossible for us Westerners – and the results are beyond spectacular.

Over on her Instagram, Dichka first details the preparation that went into making this happen. She left little to chance (other than putting a ****ng grizzly bear in a *****ng boat), and a simple translation shows the work that went into getting rescue bear Archik ready for his boat ride.

“I know you were waiting for the result of this crazy photoshoot… Let’s start with the fact that only our team could agree to this 🤪,” photographer and woman-in-same-boat-as-grizzly-bear Veronika Dichka begins.

Of said team, Dichka lists fishing club and incredible Olga Burmistrova as the photographer ( who, “in fact, had to climb into icy water in a storm in a fishing suit.”

From there, it was up to bear trainer Maya Kirsanova (@maya.kirsanova) to rehearse “with Archik long before the photo session especially for this shoot, taught him to get into a boat, hold a fishing rod and oars in his paws.”

Woman in Same Boat as Grizzly Bear: ‘There Were a Lot of Difficulties’

The photos above speak for themselves, but this wildlife tech found great satisfaction in translating Dichka’s Instagram captions from Russian to reveal how this all came to be.

“There were a lot of difficulties, of course, but [Olga Burmistrova] made great shots… And we will definitely not forget the process of creating them!” Dichka adds. No one will doubt a single bit of that quote, Ms. Dichka!

“This photo series was created for a fishing base in Astrakhan (also my friends) @baza_mesto_vstrechi,” she says of The Meeting Place, a fishing organization that helped host the shots. “We are glad that such unique shots were given to you 😉!”

And last but not least, grizzly bear rescuer Dichka says “Thanks for the boat @decorrent.nsk, it fits perfectly into the picture!”

That it does. Just some “Typical Siberian Fishing🤪” she captions this next photo, which may be the most spectacular of the entire lot:

The mood alone conveyed by these shots is incredible. From the cool winter tones to the symmetry in their posing, the resulting silhouettes… I believe we have a Russian Outsider masterpiece on our hands.

Massive thanks to Veronika Dichka for sharing these creations with the world. And a grizzly-bear-sized thanks for rescuing Archik. What a pair.