Pigs Fight Off Black Bear That Climbed Into Their Pen

by Amanda Glover
(Photo credit should read Mark Hawkins/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

In a video caught by a Ring user in New Milford, Connecticut, two pigs battle a black bear after it climbs into their pen. In the video, viewers witness a black bear climbing up and over a fence to the pen of pigs Mary and Hammy.

As the black bear proceeds to attack the smaller pig, Mary, she pushes back. However, Hammy shows off his protective nature against his smaller roommate. Lucky for little Mary, Hammy charged at the bear and scared it back up and out of the pen. Considering the weight, teeth, and strength of the average black year, it’s a bit surprising it was that quick to throw in the towel.

Rebecca Shaw, who owns the two pigs and calls them her grandbabies, briefly discussed the event to NBC Connecticut.

“They’re my babies—my grandbabies. But, I do love them, they’re great therapy for me,” said Shaw.

When she first saw the black bear on her Ring camera playing in the hay on her property, she thought it was cute. But when he made his way to her pigs, her feelings changed. But thankfully, Hammy succeeded in protecting himself and Mary.

“I am very proud of them because of Hammy. The little one especially, he’s afraid of his own shadow. And the way he came charging out when he saw Mary tussling with the bear,” said Shaw. “He was like ‘oh no, no way, get out.'”

California Police Find Piglet Named ‘Bacon’ Wandering Suburban Streets

While Connecticut might be dealing with pigs taking on black bears, California looked for the owners of a lonely black and white piglet earlier this year. Thankfully, a few police officers found him and kept him safe.

Bacon, the name of the pig, was spotted, as he ran through the streets of the East Bay suburb. Once captured, the officers took him to Alameda County’s East County Animal Shelter hoping that someone reported him missing. However, no one had. In January, the Pleasanton Police Department asked the public to help find Bacon’s rightful owners.

Pleasanton PD shared the news on Twitter to help reign in the public’s cooperation.

Several Twitter users took the opportunity to throw in several pigs’ jokes in the comment section. One person said, “Just hope he doesn’t huff and puff, we have enough going on,” with two laughing emojis.

The jokes didn’t stop there, Outsiders. One user said, “He must’ve been going to market while the littlest one stayed home.”

However, one user questioned the little pig’s true identity. “Sure that’s not a boar?”

Hopefully, by now, Bacon’s rightful owners claimed him and he’s started to grow into the adult pig or boar he truly is.