Polite Black Bear Puts Trash Can Back After Eating Out of It: VIDEO

by Michael Freeman

Littering is a huge problem plaguing our country and is something everyone should contribute to improving. Showing the rest of us what true manners are, a black bear ate a family’s garbage and put the trashcan back against their house when it was finished.

An Ohio family in North Jackson found their trashcans oddly placed last Sunday and figured wildlife disturbed them. Initially suspecting raccoons, Tammy and Brian Brancaccio were shocked to learn it was a black bear.

“I came in the house, checked the cameras to see what raccoon was in my trash and saw the bear,” Brian told WTRF.

The video shows a juvenile black beer checking out their home before digging into the trash. “He ran across my lawn, went past my daughters window which was unnerving, then onto the porch and by my living room,” Tammy added. The couple reported the bear lingered for about half an hour before leaving.

The truly amazing part of the visit was what the bear did right before it made its exit. “He had enough manners to pick the trash can up and put it against the house,” said Tammy. “I saw that and was like at least he has some manners, it was pretty amazing to see that.”

Luckily no one was injured, though wildlife experts advise securing trashcans and avoiding birdfeeders. Additionally, the family told neighbors to be on the lookout for more than just raccoons now. “There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood. We’re telling the kids to be careful and watch where you’re going,” said Brian, “Definitely makes you keep an extra eye out.”

In True Goldilocks Fashion, a Bear Climbs Through Family’s Window

Rumaging through a family’s trash is one thing, but a bear intruding into a home is another. In a true Goldilocks endeavor, a black bear entered a family’s house through their window earlier this month.

The Reddy family in Alberta, Canada found themselves in a storybook setting a few weeks ago. Sean Reddy was home with two of his four children when the incident occured. A black bear entered their garage while it was open and Reddy went out with one of his sons to watch the bear run into the woods.

However, Reddy’s other son came and asked his father what the scratching noise was. Speaking to CBC Edmonton, Sean recalls a startling realization. “I was like, ‘OK, what do you mean?’ My oldest boy ran into the house, and he came out, and he’s like, ‘The bear’s in the hallway!’ OK. That changes things.”

It turns out another bear broke in through a screen-covered window into the bedroom. It then proceeded to tour the home, scavenging any food it found along the way. Managing to corner the bear in another room with some bear spray, it found an open window and eventually left.

It seems the beds in the Reddy home weren’t “just right.”