Pool’s Closed: 9-Foot Alligator Captured by North Carolina Police After Trying to Enter Public Swim Area

by Amy Myers

That’s no floaty – that’s the real deal. This 9-foot alligator decided to try and dip his toes in a North Carolina pool after wandering around the local neighborhoods. In Brunswick County, Sunset Beach Police Department received a call on October 15 from concerned citizens that witnessed the gator taking a stroll.

When five officers found the reptile, they saw that it had broken through the porch lattice of the reservation office at the community pool. Police intervened before the alligator could go for a swim, lassoing the animal around the neck like a leash. Then they transported him back to his natural habitat at a local pond, but not before one of the officers could snap a photo of the team literally walking the alligator across the parking lot. The department posted the photo on Facebook, informing the public that the area was now clear of the 9-foot reptile and also allowing the community to share a laugh.

In the photo, one officer takes the lead, guiding the alligator from several feet away while two other officers hold the remainder of the rope attached to the gator. With how calmly the reptile is walking with the police, you’d think this wasn’t its first trip back to the swamp.

Local North Carolina residents were quick to insert jokes of their own into the situation.

“Pools closed for the season, sir,” one commented.

“In other news, Sunset Beach Police Department announced today a new addition to the Department’s crowd control tactics….” joked another.

“He decided to come along peacefully with the police,” said a third.

Small Alligator Spotted Walking Through Michigan Town

An alligator walking through a North Carolina neighborhood isn’t all that surprising. The waters might be a bit chillier than conditions in more reptile-populated states like Lousiana and Florida, but that’s nothing compared to the ponds in Michigan.

Earlier in October, residents of Riverview, Michigan spotted a small, 2-foot alligator taking a stroll through the streets at night. Police received a call from locals regarding the reptile spotting, surely skeptical at first that the call was a prank. But, sure enough, when they arrived at the scene, they found the juvenile gator taking a stroll. The animal didn’t require any big rope or trap for its capture. Rather, police used a net to scoop up the little guy and transport him safely. Conveniently, the officers found a local reptile expert who could care for the animal as police investigated the incident.

Obviously, gators have no intention of traveling cross-country to the frigid conditions of the Mid West. Instead, police deduced that the animal belonged to someone as a pet. And somehow, it escaped its owner and went on an adventure of its own.

Check out the tiny reptile in the post below.