Propeller Plane Crashes on Takeoff in Katmai National Park

by Madison Miller

This past Saturday, July 31, a plane took off in Katmai National Park in Alaska. Instead of a successful flight, the plane crash-landed.

Four people were on the plane, which was a Cessna 206 on floats.

Plane Crash in Katmai National Park

According to Anchorage Daily News, the plane took off from an unnamed pond near Kukaklek Lake, which is in a preserved area of the national park. While the plane was attempting to take off it struck the bank of the body of water.

The National Transportation Safety Board Alaska has been investigating the attempted flight. One person suffered from a minor injury, but that was the extent of the injuries. The purpose of the flight is unknown at this time.

Nearby people helped right after the incident. They drove to King Salmon, a nearby hospital, and they were taken by guardsmen to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Eventually, they were all released by the Anchorage Fire Department.

The plane was operated by Branch River Air. This is a floatplane landing service that allows residents access to remote parts of the Alaska Peninsula.

Traveling from certain parts of Alaska to the rest of the world can provide quite the challenge. Regardless, firefighters all the way in Alaska have been showing up to help fire crews in Oregon contain the ever-growing Bootleg Fire. According to NPR, all the firefighters helping are situated near a small town called Silver Lake. Each morning they all gather and look at a map that keeps an updated account of the current 647 square miles that are on fire.

Famous Bear Spotted in Alaska Again

Alaska also has a massive and personal reason for celebration this week.

Recently, Bear 480 Otis was again spotted at Alaska’s Katmai National Park & Preserve. This is one of the oldest and most popular bears in the national park and the state.

“Otis is indeed in the house. 480 Otis is one of our oldest and probably most beloved bears. He has been missing in action. Last year he arrived at the Brooks River on June 23rd. The latest he has ever arrived is July 17th. We were concerned,” the park announced on its Facebook page.

According to USA Today, the infamous bear is said to be around 25-26 years old and was first publicly identified in 2001. He is commonly spotted in his favorite spot, Brooks Falls, or on some of the park’s shared bear cams. If you’ve ever seen the Disneynature movie “Bears” from 2014, Bear 480 Otis makes a guest appearance. He’s also the past winner of the Fat Bear Week competition.

Alaska residents were concerned when the older bear did not appear at the river at the same time as younger bears, as he usually does.

However, all is good with the friendly neighborhood bear.