‘Psycho’ Squirrel Goes Nuts, Attacks 18 People in Two Days

by Samantha Whidden

It’s the stuff that nightmares are made of. A described “psycho” squirrel goes nuts in a small Wales town. Attacking nearly 20 people in two days.

According to the New York Post, the residents of Buckley, Wales had their hands full last week when a crazed gray squirrel injured 18 people. In the Facebook group, Buckley Residents Facebook Group, one of the animal’s victims revealed more details about their encounter. “Warning, vicious squirrel that attacks. Has bitten me, attacked my friend when he came to my house. Has bit [my neighbor] who lives near me. And multiple other people.”

The resident also stated that they are afraid that the squirrel will not be shot. “I’m an animal advocate. Would never normally say that. But it’s also attacked my two Bengals. Who fear nothing. My neighbors Bengal cats. Not fun. Dare not go out [of] my house. As it’s lurking.”

Other residents have also stated they had experienced squirrel attacks. Some even took pictures of their injuries. The rodent was eventually named “Stripe” after the villain from Gremlins. Some members of the group offered some advice on how to capture the angry animal. “If you really don’t want it shot, get a live capture trap. Bait it with peanuts then release it elsewhere. Although strictly speaking, it’s not legal to release it as it’s classed as a non-native species.”

Meanwhile, the original poster revealed what they were doing before the squirrel went after them. “I went out to my dustbin in the garden when karate bitey squirrel at me. For the second time. It bit me last time. It’s attacked half the street. It’s not just me.”

What Happened to the Squirrel?

Although one of the Facebook group’s admin stated that the squirrel has been taken to a rescue so it will live “safely as released in the wild” away from the area, there are more details about exactly what happened to the allegedly vicious rodent. 

The New York Post reported that 65-year-old Buckley resident, Corinne Reynolds, managed to trap the squirrel by putting out a cage in her garden filled with the animal’s favorite snack, peanuts. Once it was trapped, Reynolds handed the rodent to the RSPCA. The organization ended up having to euthanize the squirrel. This is due to the fact that it’s illegal to release them into the wild in the UK.

“To be honest, he was giving me cause for concern with his unusual behavior,” Reynolds reportedly stated. She also said she wondered if Stripe had “something going on inside his head like a tumor.”

Reynolds also said that the situation was sad to her because she’s an animal lover. “Because of me, this squirrel lost his life. I know people don’t like gray squirrels, but they are all God’s creatures to me.”