Rabid Bobcat and a Virginia Man Got in a ‘Wrestling Match’ and It’s As Wild As You Think

by Chase Thomas

Yes, you read that right. What happens when a rabid bobcat and a grown man get into a wrestling match with one another? Chaos.

The Grayson County Sheriff’s office posted the detail to their Facebook page writing, “Two men and a woman were attacked by the bobcat. A man at the scene grabbed the animal by the rear legs and ended up in a wrestling match with the cat. He sustained serious wounds to his legs and arms. He was flown to Bristol Regional Medical Center. The man is now home recovering from the attack. The other male was treated for minor injuries.”

Bonkers. In this report, we learn that the now-deceased bobcat went after three residents of Virginia and one of the men took control of the situation. When we say control, we mean he grabbed the bobcat by the back of its legs and proceeded to have a WWE-style match with the dangerous animal. What?

Luckily for the mystery man, it looks like he is going to be OK. However, he felt the damage of his actions with “serious” damage to his arms and legs. This is not a surprise when you consider the situation. The man wrestled a bobcat to the ground. He lived to tell the tale. That is legendary work. He saved the group.

That happened.

What happened with the bobcat?

No, there is no video of the match. That does not mean the fight did not happen because it very much did and the man took his chops. Later, it was reported the bobcat passed away after being run over by another motorist. After which, they learned the bobcat had rabies. The Facebook post notes that although a wild story, such a situation is rare. It is very unlikely to find yourself in a fight with a wild bobcat. The bobcat reportedly went after the humans, cattle and a dog.

This is not the only ‘cat attack in 2021. This summer a different man had his own encounter with the animal. You can read the whole story on Outsider,.

“After the initial shock, Scott says he began backing away from the wildcat, but made a near-fatal mistake in turning away from the wild predator. After he did, the bobcat tackled him.”

Pictures after the incident showed the damage the animal can do if one is not careful around them. Be careful out there, folks.