Rare ‘1 in 30 Million’ Orange Lobster Saved From a Red Lobster Restaurant: PHOTO

by Leanne Stahulak

One lucky orange lobster escaped boiling death at a Red Lobster restaurant when the staff realized it was one of the rarest lobsters in the world.

Per CNN, the chances of discovering an orange lobster are just one in 30 million. But one showed up at a Red Lobster restaurant in Hollywood, Florida, earlier this week. The staffers named her “Cheddar” in honor of the franchise’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Mario Roque, the Red Lobster manager who rescued Cheddar from imminent doom, spoke out about the experience in a statement from the chain.

“Sometimes ordinary miracles happen, and Cheddar is one of them,” Roque said. “A group of incredible people helped us make this possible. We are so honored to have been able to save Cheddar and find her a good home.”

The orange lobster’s new home is Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach. Members of the aquarium’s husbandry team “carefully packed up Cheddar” and drove her to Ripley’s Marine Science Research Center in Myrtle Beach, per CNN. Before settling into the aquarium, Cheddar will “acclimate” at the scientific research facility.

“Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach is honored to become Cheddar’s forever home,” the aquarium said in a statement. “Though the odd and unusual are a part of everyday life here at Ripley’s, orange lobsters like Cheddar are truly one in 30 million. We are grateful that Red Lobster’s Team recognized the significance of such a rarity and hope to spread crustacean conservation with guests from around the world for years to come.”

Red Lobert’s Senior Communications Director, Nicole Bott, also spoke out about the discovery.

“We are incredibly proud of Mario and the team for recognizing what a special and rare creature Cheddar is,” Bott said. “And for working relentlessly to find someone to rescue her. It is an honor to be able to share the story of Cheddar and provide her a new home where she can be enjoyed by many for years to come, all from the safety of her tank.”

Aside From Orange, What Other Lobster Colors Are Rare?

Cheddar the orange lobster made quite a splash recently. But last year, another colorful crustacean stole the spotlight. Lobster fisherman Bill Coopermsith discovered Haddie, a cotton-candy-colored lobster, last November.

Coopersmith found her in Casco Bay, near the Gulf of Maine. He quickly contacted his boss, CEO Mark Murrell of Get Maine Lobster.

“Bill and his crew were extremely excited,” Murrell told Live Science earlier.

The chances of finding an orange lobster equal one in 30 million. But the chances for cotton-candy blue lobsters equate to one in 100 million. These rare finds only turn up once every four or five years, per Professor Michael Tlusty.

So, what makes a lobster’s shell color unique? Their diet, Tlusty explained to National Geographic. Lobsters that eat crab and shrimp develop a red-orange color. But lobsters that dine on baitfish boast cooler colors like blue or purple. For more info, check out this article.