Rare Animal Spotted Twice in One Day in Montana City

by Chase Thomas

You never know what you might find when you venture out into the Montana wilderness. For instance, if you are really lucky you just might find a rare animal, not once, but twice, in one day in this Montana city. Indeed, a math teacher in the area Matt Donaldson was out on his way to work when he spotted a wolverine.

He told the Helena Independent Record, “It was running through the snow and I said, ‘That’s definitely not a dog.” It was, in fact, a rare animal to the area and a wolverine. Although it may have looked like a dog, it certainly was not. He continued, “I pulled out my phone and took a photo and my first reaction was, ‘That’s a wolverine.’ It’s definitely crazy. I’ve never seen one before.”

Wolverine Seen in Montana

These are not common animals folks see around town. It certainly caught Donaldson by surprise to see one galivanting through the snow by the local middle school. His reflex was to get out his phone and snap a picture. He captured the wolverine moving through the Montana snow.

However, he was not the only Montana resident to see a wolverine that day. Another resident, Nick Nowak also caught a glimpse of the wolverine out and about in the snow. He said, “I locked up the brakes and he went into this small little coulee.” He continued, “Then I looked up and he was running down the road so I grabbed my phone and got the whole video. It’s pretty crazy.”

As you can see above, it was a pretty big animal. He, or she, was making their way around town and the rare sighting was caught by two different surprised residents.

What Next?

This begged the question, though, with the wolverine making its way around town, what were residents supposed to do? With it being such a rare animal, it may have been difficult to know what the next steps were to keep the town safe and get the animal out of the residential area. Dave Hagengruber of the Idaho Fish, Wildlife and Recreation division said, “Yeah, it was a shock to see, but it reacted the way we’d hope it’d react and got the heck out of there quickly.” He added, “We hope it found its way into a creek bottom and headed back up into the hills.”

Thankfully, the wolverine did not go after any of those who saw the rare animal in Montana. But it was still a major shock for the folks that saw it moving about in the snow. They don’t know where the wolverine ultimately went to. However, the hope is that he found his way into a creek outside of town.